Anime Aucupe
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First Seen Poe Way Out
Last Seen For Whom the Spell Tolls
The Anima Aucupe was a powerful weapon capable of extracting a Spirit from someone's body and sending it to The Underworld.


In 1848, during a Seance, Freya was possessed by the Evil Spirit of Ambrose Bancroft.   As a result, Joanna
sought out her friend, a Warlock who gifted her the box. After using a Spell to activate the box, both Joanna and Ingrid sought out Freya, luring her to the Woods where Joanna used the box to suck Ambrose's spirit from her body. The box was effective in extracting the Spirit however it also killed Freya in the process.

Time Travel

In 2014, Joanna, Wendy and Freya used the Ostium Temporis to travel back to 1848 to obtain the box in order to vanquish King Nikolaus. After past Ingrid & the younger Joanna used the box to extract Ambrose from past Freya, Joanna took the box from herself. The box was then stolen from her by Tarkoff who had been sent back in time to recover the box by King Nikolaus. Tarkoff then took Joanna hostage. She rescued by Joanna and the pair took the box back to the time door which Ingrid had opened in the wall. Before Joanna could get into the portal, Tarkoff grabbed the box which caused it to fall to the ground and smash, releasing a demon in the process.


To Activate the Anima Aucupe

  • Note: Requires an Elixir to be poured into the box.

"Auferte malum spiritus." - ("Put away the evil spirit")

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