Archibald's Journals
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First Seen Smells Like King Spirit
Last Seen Box to the Future
Archibald's journals were a series of books written by Archibald Browning in the 1800's-1900's. Archibald used these books to document his life and relationship with 1906 Ingrid Beauchamp during the 19th century. He also recorded some of his darkest spells, many of them written in his own blood. The books were discovered by Dash Gardiner in a box of Archibald's possessions. They were destroyed by Dash Gardiner when Ingrid revealed that they were evil in nature and would lead him down a dark path.  Ingrid and Dash reconstituted the journals to help them find a spell to defeat her grandfather.  The Journals were stolen from Fair Haven after Dash slept with Raven. It is assumed that she stole them or the unnamed Witch Killer.


Most of the pages are written in secret languages, whilst other pages are written in English. Most of the English pages talk about 1906 Ingrid and their relationship together.  Ingrid mentioned that the books contain spells to be able to control a human's mind that leads to their demise, switching bodies with another witch, induce madness, summoning a demon, reanimating dead flesh, spreading of pestilence, possession extraction, visions through time and a spell involving the Key, the Traveler, the Bridge, and the Dagger. 


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