Archibald Browning
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Archibald Browning

  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Deceased
  • Cult leader (formerly)
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  • Male
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  • Brown
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Archibald Browning was a powerful warlock and cult leader who was responsible for building Fair Haven, a haven for witches. He is the father of Athena and grandfather of Dash and Killian. Historically, Archibald is known as a satanist, however, this is probably untrue due to being feared by outsiders. Archibald was ruthless and determined and would often kill people that got in his way without feeling any remorse, especially mortals, which he viewed as beneath him.  


Archibald was a leader of a cult in Fair Haven where he lived. In Potentia Noctis, He was shown to be ruthless and determined.


Early Life

Archibald was born in the realm of Asgard, at some point he left Asgard and came to East End. At some point during the early 1900's, he built Fair Haven as a Safe Haven for his Cult of Witches. During this time he also began a relationship with Ingrid Beauchamp. He was infamous during his life as a Cult leader and also thought of himself as a Mandragora expert. At some point, he also created the the Gardiner Grimoire. He Later had a daughter, Athena, who later changed her name to Penelope after his death.


1906 Ingrid Beauchamp: Archibald began a secret relationship with Ingrid in the 1900's, the pair indulged in blood-filled orgies and planned to run away and marry, however when Wendy discovered this she tried to stop Ingrid, Archibald tried to get Ingrid to kill Wendy but she wouldn't. Wendy killed Ingrid accidentally as she aimed for Archibald but Ingrid jumped in the way to protect Athena, which threw Ingrid off the banister in the Beauchamp Apothecary, killing her. Archibald later tried to strangle Wendy to death but Joanna stabbed him in the back, causing him to explode from the inside.

Penelope Gardiner: Daughter, loved each other.

Wendy Beauchamp: Enemies, Ingrid's accidental killer.

Joanna Beauchamp: Enemies, His killer.


In 1906, Archibald, after failing a youth spell which killed an elderly woman, decided to run away with Ingrid. He asked to marry her and Ingrid accepted when she returned to the Beauchamps apothecary. Wendy told her not to go with him, which led to a fight, in which Wendy ultimately accidentally killed Ingrid Beauchamp. Shortly after Ingrid was pronounced dead, Archibald became enraged and began to strangle Wendy. Joanna came to her sister's rescue and stabbed him in the back using a spell which turned him to ash.