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First Seen Oh, What A World!
Last Seen The Old Man And The Key

Asgard is a magical realm where witches come from. 

Former Residents


Asgard is a magical realm that no human can enter which is ruled over by King Nikolaus, the father of Joanna and Wendy.  For centuries, the Beauchamps were considered royalty in the realm, Ingrid and Freya were even considered princesses, however, four hundred years ago there was a war and the Beauchamps side lost. As a result they were banished by their father, King Nikolaus. They escaped Asgard using the Serpents Clavum and entered the Mortal Realm. Joanna's son Frederick was left behind when he was turned against her and sided with his grandfather. He tricked Wendy into giving him the Snake which he used to give to his grandfather. After the Beauchamps were cursed, Joanna tried to convince him to come with them but he refused and walked into the Portal. There are only two ways to get into Asgard, The most common way is the Serpents Clavum, which is a key in the form of a golden snake with ruby eyes. The Clavem was destroyed by Joanna Beauchamp after it possesed Wendy Beauchamp. The other Key was later discovered to be Ingrid Beauchamp.  When Mike discovered that the Portal to Asgard was located in the catacombs of Fair Haven, he forced her to open the Portal whilst at gun point. Ingrid simply placed her hands on the wall and it began to crack open, emitting light. Eventually the wall crumbled to pieces and let out a powerful blast which caused Mike to disintegrate. Frederick then was able to escape from the portal, along with The Mandragora.


It is currently unknown how Asgard appears from the inside, the only thing that was visible were rays of light coming out of it as Joanna's son Frederick passed through from Asgard. The Portal to Asgard was originally located in the forest. The location of the Portal was then taken over by Archibald Browning and became the site of Fair Haven. Multiple magical creatures live in Asgard alongside witches like The Mandragora and the pikachen.   



  • Ingrid was able to see what Asgard looked like from Mike's map.