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  • 20th Century
  • Alive
  • Librarian
  • Human
  • Female
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  • Bob (husband)
    Unborn Child
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Barb is Ingrid and Hudson's best friend and works with her at the library. One of Ingrid's first attempts to use magic is a fertility to spell to help Barb conceive a child.


Barb seems to be a sweet woman. She has a charismatic and witty personality. She also has an ambitious side to her. Barb originally had been trying to get pregnant with her husband, Bob, but for some reason she couldn't and would always be unsuccessful. Her ambitious side was revealed when she was willing to try a spell to get pregnant even though she may have not believed in witchcraft at the time. Overall, she is a kind and a wonderful woman.



Bob: Husband

Unborn Child: Loves it because of the fact that she was able to get pregnant.

Ingrid Beauchamp: Best Friend, Like sisters, Co-worker, She chose Ingrid to be the godmother of her future child.

Hudson Rafferty: Best friend, co-worker.

Season 1

In Pilot, Barb confides in Ingrid that after one of numerous fertility treatments, she is still not pregnant. Out of desperation, and partially joking, Barb asks if in her long period of studying magic, if Ingrid knows any spells that could help her. Ingrid reminds her that she studied the history of magic, not it's use, but would would help her if she know anything.

Later, Ingrid does find a "spell" on the internet, that she doubts but with the assistance of a friend, Ingrid and Barb perform the spell. They feel or see nothing that would make them believe the spell works, so they give up and leave together. As they exit, the five-pointed star that they drew on the ground as part of the spell, begins to glow without them noticing.

The next day, Barb excitedly arrives at the library with news that she's pregnant. She tells Ingrid that her and her husband made love twice the night before, after which she dreamed of Ingrid handing her her baby. Ingrid doubts that the spell was actually effective and that it was even reliable, but as Barb continues to explain, she wonders if she may actually have some magic abilities. In truth, although the spell may have been a hoax, a true witch performing it, intent on a purpose, may be able to produce a result.


  • Unlike some of the other characters on the show, Barbs character actually appears in the book. However her name is Tabitha, rather than Barb.
  • Barb's name stands for Barbara which comes from the greek word "barbaros" meaning "Foriegn".