Throughout the series, several Bloopers and Glitches have appeared. Below is a list of these mis-edits and errors.

Season One


  • When Joanna leaves the house to go to work, the house she leaves is clearly not the

    Different House

    Beauchamp house. This is likely due to the fact that some of the scenes from the unaired pilot made it into the episode.
  • The hallway of the Beauchamp house is notably smaller at the start of the episode, at the end of the episode the hallway looks completely different and is noticably larger. This is due to the addition of certain shots being reused from the unaired pilot.

Today I Am A Witch

  • During Ingrids dream sequence, Wendy states that Tarot Cards like to be read during the middle of the night, however in the previous episode Joanna was able to read the cards during the day. A similar situation occurs in "A Moveable Beast" when Wendy mentions that they must wait until the moon is up to read the cards.

Potentia Noctis

  • During the pool party scene, Killian is seen taking off his shirt, a minute later another shot shows he still has his shirt on. A few seconds later shows killian is shirtless once again as he places his shirt on to a chair.


  • When Ingrid uses her powers to throw Wendy down the stairs, Madchen's mark is clearly visible as she turns over.

Snake Eyes

Visible Hole in the Wall

  • When Joanna traps Wendy against the wall via a jacket, you can clearly see a hole in the wall where a member of crew is feeding their arm through to create the effect.
  • After Wendy is thrown through the kitchen door by Joanna, the lighting equipment

    Visible lighting equipment

    used to shoot the scene is clearly visible on the left side of the shot as Wendy scarpers across the kitchen. 

Season Two

The Old Man And The Key

  • In the scene where Dash is confronted by Kyle in the attic, Dash grabs Kyle they are both standing close to the fireplace however in the next shot they are both in the middle of the attic. This occurred because a scene from the fight was deleted.

Boogie Knights

  • In the scene where Sam dies, if you look closely while Dash is chanting over his dead body you can see the boy blink several times and inhale.

Art of Darkness

The Breakfront has changed.

  • In this Episode, the Breakfront has been transformed into a Wine Cabinet with Light fittings,  however two episodes later it has returned to it's normal display.

Smells Like King Spirit

  • When Wendy is making out with Tommy her necklace is nowhere to be seen even after she leaves the room, yet when she comes down the stairs she has her necklace on.