Power Information
  • To create and manipulate plants

Chlorokinesis (also called Phytokinesis or Agrokinesis) is the ability to create and manipulate plants.


Some Witches have the ability to create plant-life with their minds. The only witches seen to have used this power are; Ingrid Beauchamp in the 1600's and Freya Beauchamp during her engagement party with Dash Gardiner.

Notable Examples

Ingrid Beauchamp

  • Ingrid used power during winter in the 1600's before the Salem Witch Trials.

Freya Beauchamp

  • After making out with Killian in the bathroom of her engagement party, her power made a vase of flowers spontaniously combust. She then fled the room, as she ran down the hallway, 2 vases of flowers bloomed and exploded.
  • She also used this power to turn the flower on her head red.

King Nikolaus

  • King Nikolaus used this power to trap Ingrid on the wall in vines. 

Penelope Gardiner

  • Penelope used this power to kill the tree at the Beauchamp Family Home
  • Penelope also used this power to turn a bouquet of red roses into black roses of death.

Freya Beauchamp (Book)

  • Freya made ​​olives being firm and juicy.

Joanna Beauchamp (Book)

  • Joanna Beauchamp made dead grasses turn green and shiny.
  • She also makes the vegetables and fruits from his garden grow quickly and well maintained.

Frederick Beauchamp (Book)

  • It's said that Freddie can control flowers.