Dash and Killian
Dash and Killian
Nicknames Dillian
Status Brothers (Currently Enemies)
First met When Killian was born
Intimacy level Brothers, Antagonistic Rivalry, Both love/loved Freya, Killian betrayed Dash by falling for his ex-fiancés twice
Portrayed by Eric Winter and Daniel Di Tomasso

The Relationship between the brothers, Dash and Killian. Started before Season 1, before Dash and Killian were on bad terms with each other.

Early Life

When Dash and Killian were children, they were very close and inseparable, however many years later when they became adults, Dash and Killian's relationship became damaged, after he found out that Killian slept with his fiancee; Elyse 3 months before their wedding day. Since then Dash has been on bad terms with his brother, Killian has also tried to ruined Dash's life, but never succeeds, instead of taking responsibility for betraying his brother.

Season 1

In the beginning, Killian came home to visit the engagement party, where Freya and Killian first met and kissed. Things between the brothers became a roller coaster ride all season and ended on bad terms. Dash felt that Killian stole another lover once again from him. Dash sent him magically into the boat he owned and pushed it away from the dock, out of fury.

Season 2

In the beginning, Dash shows guilt of throwing Killian away and believes he is dead. A man starts to blackmail him over the computer to get him large sums of money in exchange for not revealing the "murder" he committed. Dash finds the man and uses his powers to kill him. When Killian comes home, he is very content and welcomes him back with open arms. He no longer blames Killian for Dash and Freya's breakup. However, Dash tells Killian what really happened and they brawl. Things between them are temporarily fixed after they bonded over Ingrid and Freya's death. However, when Dash is arrested, he switches their souls into either of their bodies and Dash leaves in Killian's body with a smug smile on his face. They are back to a hostile state in their relationship.