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  • Alive (Incarcerated in a painting)
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  • Male
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Portrayed By
  • Neil Hopkins
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Doug was an evil warlock and an ex-lover of Freya's, he was the first enemy The Shifter enlisted to attack the Beauchamps, however his attempt was unsuccessful. He appeared in a total of two episodes.


Doug seems desperate and obsessive, as shown in Pilot he wanted Freya back and when she declined he was eager to destroy her by killing her in the painting, so she couldn't be reborn. He has a volatile temper and is very dangerous.


Early Life

Doug wished to marry Freya in a past life but for unknown reasons Freya ended the relationship, resulting in him assaulting her. As a result she cursed him into a painting for eternity.

Season 1

He was first seen in Pilot when Penelope who was in the form of Joanna at the time, opened the painting he was stuck within, He then attacked Freya in the bathroom of  The Bent Elbow, forcing her to cast a spell to send them inside a painting on the wall.


Doug Trapped inside a painting

In Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P. Doug tied Freya to the bar, which he then set fire to, he then attempted to escape via a bricked up portal using his boline. Freya managed to knock him out and escape the fire with her powers. She then escaped through the portal, returning her to the mortal realm. Later in the episode Doug attacked Freya in the bathroom of the Beauchamp family home. Doug submerged her in the bathtub and used a spell to freeze her, however she was saved by Ingrid when her family returned home. Joanna fought with Doug and with the help of Wendy they were able to trap him inside a new painting which they then buried in the fake grave of aunt Marilyn.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers

Individual Powers

Doug's Boline


The "Boline" Prop

Doug possessed a magical knife, known as a "Boline" which he used to cut through a sealed portal inside a painting which he trapped himself and Freya in, in hopes of killing her. The knife possessed powerful magic which was able to cut through the Bricked up wall which covered the portal to the mortal realm.  The prop was created by omega artworks and had an emerald gem at the bottom which was used to pass and reflect light through the blade [1]. The special FX team then added additional Cgi light effects to create the "magical look".