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The East End Public Library is the official library in the town of East End. Ingrid BeauchampBarb and Hudson Rafferty all work at the library. It is known to hold many events. It has many books some of which have the fictional history of witches in East End.


In the 1900's the building was the site of the Beauchamp Apothecary. Joanna Wendy and Ingrid owned and operated it providing healing elixirs to the community. It was also where Ingrid in one of her past lives had died by being pushed over the stair-case. At some point it was then taken over by the town and renamed from Beauchamp Apothecary to East End Public Library where present Ingrid now works.



  • The Large Rose Window that features in the library is actually decorated with Theban letters. Theban is commonly referred to as the "Witches Alphabet" in modern Witchcraft & In the religion of Wicca.