Power Information
  • To become stronger by channeling a source of power

Empowerment is the natural ability possessed by many supernatural creatures to become stronger by channeling a source of power, usually emotions, people and even magic itself.

Known Sources of Power

  • Emotions: Most witches and warlocks' powers are linked to their emotions so is not weird that they become stronger when they are in control of them or 0verwhelmed by them.
    • Love/Passion: Usually helps to release suppressed magic or negate dark enchantments.
    • Anger: Rage or anger tends to increase a witch of warlock's power.
    • Fear: In most cases helps to release suppressed magic.
    • Hate: Like rage, increases a witch or warlock's power.
  • Strength of Mind: Some witches and warlocks draw power from the strength of their mind.
  • Sex: Some creatures are empowered by sex and lust, while others need sex to live by feeding of a person's sexual energy.
  • Magic: Gods and Witches are more powerful and skilled the more they use their powers. They can be stronger when they steal someone else's magic or are able to canalize it from somewhere.
  • Unity: The wolves and some witches are stronger when they are in the company of others, specially those that are dear to them like family.

Known Users

  • The Beauchamp Women: Together, the Beauchamp women are stronger than on their own.
    • Joanna Beauchamp: The love she feels for her daughters is usually a trigger to activate o empower her already magnificent abilities.
    • Wendy Beauchamp: Just like Joanna, the love she feels for her family usually empowers her magic. Also, when she was possesed by the Serpen's Clavem, she stated that she was more powerful, which isn't rare as Dark  Magic usually does this to witches.
    • Freya Beauchamp: Fear and passion tend to activate her powers.
    • Ingrid Beauchamp: Anger seems to be a source of power for her magic, but that's not usually the case.
  • The Beauchamp Family (Books):
    • Joanna Beauchamp (Book): When she uses her life-related magic she is stronger, she's also more powerful when she's angry.
    • Freya Beauchamp (Book): Love, passion and sex are part of her divine nature and the things that empower her.
    • Freddie Beauchamp (Book): Fire seems to be Freddie's element and source of power. He's also stronger when he wields his trident, who is also a source of power for him to channel.
  • Mardi Overbrook: As the goddess of rage, she can use this emotion to empower herself, she did this one time to break a dark mental enchantment.
  • Penelope Gardiner: Penelope was more powerful after she stole Dash, Killian, and Freya's powers.
  • King Nikolaus: Magic seemed to be the King's main sustainability, and he became weaker after the birth of his daughters and grandchildren. He gain back some of that power after stealing Ingrid's magic.
  • Dash Gardiner: Dash is more powerful whenever he gets angry (and that's a lot).
  • The Mandragora: This sex demon maintained his power and life thanks to feeding of his mate's sexual energy.