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The Fair Haven Estate was built over two hundred years ago by Archibald Browning. Fairhaven is currently occupied by Archibalds Grandson, Dash Gardiner after he inherited it from his mother Penelope.


Fair Haven was built by notorious Witch and cult leader Archibald Browning. Archibald created Fair Haven as a safe haven for his cult of Witches, the cult regarly performed blood filled orgies and had wild parties within the grounds. The pool Room was regularly used for initiation rituals.


Fair Haven appears to look like a medieval castle, the inside is decorated with lavish furniture and accesories. On the main floor, a painting hangs on the wall of Archibald. There are many rooms inside Fair Haven, noteable ones include the catacombs and the Furnace room where Penelope was killed.

The Attic

The Attic is known as "Dash's lair" is located on the fourth floor of Fair Haven. Aside from being used as a common attic for general storage, the attic is also home to the The Gardiner Grimoire which is kept hidden under the floorboards.

The Catacombs

Beneath the main structure of Fair Haven there is a secret area of Catacombs, the Catacombs are regularly featured throughout the second half of the first season. Inside the catacombs resides the portal to Asgard. Penelope killed Amy inside the catacombs using Argentium and left her body in the furnace room. The furnace was also where Penelope met her death, after being thrown into it by Joanna Beauchamp.


  • The location is the same had used like The Luthor Mansion in the Smallville Series.