Freddie Beauchamp
Biographical Information
Full Name: Frederick Beauchamp
Fryr, God of the sun, sea, and harvest
Nickname: Freddie
Home: Limbo (before)
East End (before)
Bora Bora (currently)
Status: Alive
Occupation: Barman (briefly)
Sailor (briefly)
Fireman (before)
Species: God/Warlock
World: Vanaheim
Family: The Vanir
Other: Gert Liman (wife)/separated
Hillary Liman (ex-girlfriend)
Kristy Hannigan (ex-girlfriend)
Mother: Joanna Beauchamp
Father: Norman Beauchamp
Siblings: Ingrid Beauchamp
Freya Beauchamp
Uncles: Helda
Arthur Beauchamp
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Character Information
First Appearance: Witches of East End (Book)
Last Appearance: Winds of Salem
Freddie Beauchamp, or Fryr of the Vanir, is one of the main characters in Melissa de la Cruz's Beauchamp Family series. He was Joanna Beauchamp's beloved golden son before he was taken away from her, accused of having destroyed the Bofrir bridge with his friend Loki - a crime that shifted the history of his entire race and for which he paid dearly.

When he comes back from Limbo, after thousands of years of imprisonment, Freddie must rally the help of his twin sister Freya to find proofs of the real culprit's identity - and his eyes are set on Baldr... who is none other than Freya's soulmate...


Basic Powers

Individual Powers