Freya discovering magic.

Pilot - Freya is first seen getting ready for her engagement party with Ingrid and leaves with Ingrid and her mother Joanna. When she gets to Fair Haven she begins to greet guest with her fiancée Dash Gardiner they both then escape to a bench looking over the sea and moon. Penelope Dash's mother comes and takes Freya away to speak to her. When Penelope insults Freya she accidentally makes Penelope choke on a kish. Freya goes over to tell her sister but her sister doesn't believe her. A man walks in and Freya begins to gaze at him because she has had dreams of him. She goes over to join her fiancée when then man is revealed to Dash's brother Killian. When Killian goes up the stairs Freya follows him and they begin to make out in the bathroom but before it could go any farther she realizes it is wrong and runs away. The next morning Freya walks into the kitchen of her home while thinking of Killian the mug in her hands explode. Joanna says that Freya seems nervous and that she is probably having second thoughts about getting married but Freya tells her that she is in love with him. Freya later goes to Fair Haven to see Dash. Freya is a little upset that Dash has to leave for Europe but he promises her that they will travel after they are married. At The Bent Elbow where Freya works she is trying to test her powers but it doesn't work. Killian walks in and tries to invite Freya to his boat but she refuses and throws a drinks at him. Later that night Freya has another read about Killian but wakes up. In the morning Joanna tells Freya and Ingrid about their aunt Wendy and goes to get her. Freya then tells Ingrid that she is in love with both Dash and Killian. When Wendy walks in she and Freya instantly connect but Ingrid starts to act weird and walks out. Wendy, Freya and Joanna then go to the farmers market where Wendy reveals that she can read aura's like Freya. Later at the bar Killian shows up again and apologizes to Freya and they begin to play darts together. However when Freya goes to the bathroom a man named Doug ambushes her. He then reveals that he can use magic and traps her and himself in a painting where every thing is in the 1930's.

Burying Doug.3

Freya, Joanna, Wendy, and Ingrid burying Doug.

Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P. - Still trapped in the painting Freya tries to get the attention of the people but they can not see her and hear her. Freya tries to use the spell she used to get into the painting to get out but it doesn't work. Doug tells her that his knife is the only way out. He then ties her up and starts a fire Freya however uses one of her powers to break free. She then knocks Doug unconscious, takes his knife and make her way out of the painting. Freya walks up thinking that Killian is kissing her but it is really Dash. Dash asked her what happened but Freya could hardly remember and told him she had a dream someone was trying to kill her. Wendy and Ingrid run to the bathroom to set Freya free unknowingly that she is already out. Ingrid begins to chant the spell when Freya walks in she then takes Freya and Wendy who has reverted to her cat form. Ingrid however forgot to close the spell and Doug managed to escape. In the car Ingrid explains to Freya that they are witches and that they are cursed and that their mother is in jail for murder. Ingrid gets a message from Joanna's lawyer that tells her that they need one hundred thousand dollars to bail their mother out and the money is with aunt Marilyn. However Joanna told them that aunt Marilyn is dead but Wendy figures out that Joanna created a fake grave to hide her money. When they get to the cemetery they dig up the grave and they find the money and begin to celebrate and then bail Joanna out. When Joanna is freed she tells Ingrid and Freya that they must keep the secret of being witches to themselves. Freya becomes upset because Joanna lied to them and made her think that she was crazy and storms out of the house. She goes to see Killian to talk about her problems. Later Freya went back home where she is attacked by Doug who freezes her underwater but Joanna and Wendy trap Doug back into the painting and Ingrid pull her up from under the water. The next morning Freya, Ingrid, Joanna and Wendy are all in the park burying the painting of Doug when they get back they see Dash waiting on the front porch. Freya takes Dash inside, Dash is trying to get Freya to tell him what had happened Freya ask Dash would he love her even if he found out she was a freak and Dash tells her that he loves her because she is a freak. Dash sees a bruise on Freya's neck and gets up to get ice but pulls him back she asks him "You don't run away from problems do you, you run towards them, and fix them". Dash reply "Of course that's what you do for the people you love" the two then start to kiss. Outside of their house The Shifter draws a Malus Amplio on a tree in the Beauchamps yard that makes it turn black and wither.

Episode 3 photo

Freya and Ingrid being taught how to use their magic by Wendy.

Today I Am A Witch - At night Freya is roaming the halls of Fair Haven when she runs into Killian they then begin to make out and Dash walks in on them and walks away from Freya. Freya however chases after him but it turns out it was all a dream. She later went back to her own home her she finds Wendy and Ingrid awake. Wendy asks to teach her and Ingrid how to use their power but Joanna walks in. She tells the girls that she banished The Shifter and destroys the Grimoire so they are not able to practice their magic. At the lake Wendy goes behind Joanna's back and teaches Freya and Ingrid how to use their telekinesis but Freya was not able to mange to do it. At the bar Freya is very busy and over worked so Killian decides to help her out but still being stressed out by the customers Freya telekinetic-ally breaks a shelf of glass cups. In the basement Freya is trying to practice her magic but Killian walks in and tells her that Rodger hired him. Killian tells her that he needs the money to get to his next destination but she tells him that she thinks that him working there isn't a good idea. He ask Freya if she is still having dreams about him but she tells him no but he doesn't believe her. They then start to look at each other and Freya makes the shelf of glass break again and walks out of the bar. At Fair Haven Freya visits Dash and tells him that Killian got a job at the bar and Dash becomes upset Freya then finally ask why do him and Killian hate each other. Dash tells her the reason why he hates Killian is because Dash was engaged before to a woman named Elyse but Killian slept with her three months before their wedding and last was the last he saw of his brother until now. Freya is upset that Dash didn't tell her about Elyse and leaves Fair Haven. Freya goes to the bar to confront Killian and tells him what Dash told her she tells him that he will not sleep with this fiancée. Killian tries to get Freya to admit that they have a connection but she tells him their only connection is their job and Dash. Freya comes home to see her mother being attacked by The Shifter throws a knife at him/her. The Shifter however escapes using smoke teleportation. Joanna and Freya have a drink and she tells Freya that she lied about banishing The Shifter and that she will help her practice her magic. Joanna goes upstairs and tells Wendy about how Freya saved her from The Shifter and that she has a little problem with letting people help her. Joanna then tells her that they will both teach the girls to do magic. She then ask the girls for help and the four of them go outside and counter act the curse that The Shifter has out on the tree making it blooms.


Freya casting a spell on Dash and Killian.

A Few Good Talisman - In the morning Joanna is telling the girls a story about the Salem Witch Trials and how she cut off the ear of the man that let them die. Joanna then tells the girls them that they can use their magic but only in an emergency Wendy then says "and for fun sometimes" and makes it snow. At Fair Haven Freya is seen at the window at Fair Haven and Dash comes from behind and starts to kiss her indicating that they made up. Freya starts to ask about Elyse and if his mother liked her he told her not to worry that she doesn't compare to Freya. Freya is still a little hurt that he didn't tell her about that part of his life. They both decide no more secrets. While on her way out Freya sees Penelope looking at a picture of Dash and Killian when they were younger. Penelope then ask Freya to get Killian and Dash to come together and Freya trying to get Penelope to like her agrees. At the bar Freya is having lunch with Ingrid when Adam walks in. Freya starts to read Ingrid's aura and tells Ingrid she is in love but for some reason she becomes upset. Freya sees Killian at the bar and ask him to come to dinner at Fair Haven with Penelope and Dash but he tells her that he has a date and can't. Freya ask Wendy to help her with a spell to get Dash and Killian to go to dinner together and Wendy helps her and they start to get supplies. Freya cast a spell on a photo of Dash and Killian when they were younger at start it seemed to worked but then the photo disappeared. Later at Fair Haven Freya hears a piano playing and sees that it is Killian and that he cancelled his date. Killian then goes to get a bottle of wine. Dash then comes and Freya is happy to see he came they start to kiss and Killian walks in sad seeing them together. Penelope becomes extremely happy to see Dash and Killian together but Killian decides to leave and Dash gets beeped at the hospital leaving Freya alone with Penelope. Freya tells her that she did try and Penelope gets that. She then tells Freya that everything with Killian is always a challenge and tells her about Killian and how he had the best schools asking for him but two weeks before the auction he breaks his arm in a drunken bar fight. She then tells Freya that Killian has run away from anyone that's ever loved him and that he is afraid of being happy. Freya then tells her that she hopes that Killian stays in East End for Penelope.


Freya sending Elyse back into the afterlife.

Electric Avenue - At Fair Haven Penelope and Freya are looking at an antique dress that was found in the catacombs. Dash walks in and they quickly hide the dress. Penelope then says that it's better than what Elyse was going to wear at Dash's first wedding and walks out. She tells Dash that their relationship is getting better but she never misses a change to remind her of Elyse. Later Freya goes to the bar to get paid where she notices a woman checking out Killian. The woman ask Freya if her and Killian are together but she says she is engaged to his brother. The woman surprised then reveals that she is Elyse and she was Dash's ex-fiancée. At home Freya is trying on the wedding gown but when Wendy sees her in it she burns it telling her it was Ingrid's a long time ago and the dress has bad karma. She tells Wendy about Elyse and Wendy tells her that she needs to talk to Dash about it. Freya tells Wendy that they need to talk about the dress about Wendy says yes but won't really tell her. At the Bar Freya tries to talk to Elyse but she walks away from her and Freya chases after her. Killian then stops her and tells her that Elyse is dead. Later Freya ask Wendy if ghost are real Wendy tells her yes but they can't cross over by themselves. Wendy and Freya then go up to Ingrid's room where they find her and Adam together. Wendy tells Ingrid that she allowed Elyse to piggy back when she summoned Adam Wendy tells her that she needs to send him back before the full moon passes or they will be stuck her forever. Ingrid then ask both Wendy and Freya to leave. Later at the hospital Elyse goes to visit Dash and apologizes to him for having an affair with Killian but Dash however can not see or hear her. Freya then walks in and tells Dash that she knows Elyse is dead. He tells her that he just wanted to put her behind him and that he knew deep down that they weren't meant to be together and he was more hurt by what Killian did than her betrayal. However Elyse tells Freya that she didn't come back for Dash but for Killian. Freya calls Wendy and Wendy tells her that ghost can manipulate electricity. At the bar Elyse electrocute Killian but Freya manages to get him to the hospital in time where his life is saved by Dash. She then later confronts Elyse and convinces her to let Freya takes her back to the after life. In the cemetery she cast the spell and sends Elyse back to where she had come from.


Freya creating an antidote for the Ramus Mortium.

Potentia Noctis - While swimming in the pool room of Fair Haven Freya is surprised to see Killian who sneaks up on her. Killian starts to flirt with her but Freya ask him to stop it. Dash walks in and things between him and Killian have gotten better. Freya ask if they are cool now but he tells her no but he's his little brother and he missed him. Later at her home Freya is practising her magic with Wendy and Freya was able to start a fire but puts it out with a hose. She later goes to Ingrid's room where Ingrid begins to act strange, Ingrid cooked up a spell to take her back to 1906. The spell however has an affect on Ingrid that makes her seem as if she is high. Freya then leaves Ingrid to go to see Dash at the hospital. Freya walks in and sees the mass ask Dash what it is Dash tells Freya it is the specimen that he pulled out of Maura Thatcher throat the day she freak out on her family. Dash and Amy take a break for lunch and Freya steals the mass. Freya then takes it to her aunt Wendy where she reveals that it is Ramus Mortium meaning "Branch Of Death". She then gives Freya a recipe to make an antidote for all the people who touched it because Freya is gifted when making potions. At The Bent Elbow Freya makes the antidote and mixes it into a drink for her, Dash and Amy. She secretly serves them the antidote telling them that they are celebrating. Dash tells Freya that he has never seen her so interested in his work and Freya becomes upset because she thought Dash didn't think she was interested in her work. Dash quickly apologizes and said it just came out wrong. Freya tells Dash that she wants to be apart of all of his life Dash asks Freya to marry him that weekend and Killian and Amy could be the witnesses and Freya say yes. The four then head back to Fair Haven where they search the catacombs. To Freya's surprise she finds a wall of The Ramus Mortium. When they get back to the pool room Freya becomes nervous and Dash tells her about the time he first saw her that he knew he was going to marry her the two then kiss. Freya then returns home and tells Joanna and Ingrid about the wall of Ramus Mortium. The next morning they both decided to wait to get married because if their only going to do it once they should do it right.


Joanna dealing the tarot cards for Freya.

Unburied - In the basement of The Bent Elbow Freya is stalking selves when Killian walks in. Killian begins to flirt with her and they start to make out. However Freya wakes up in Dash's bed and it turns out to be just a dream. Dash asks her what her dream was about Freya tells him that she doesn't remember. He then gets out of bed and gets ready to go to work. At home Freya is searching through the Grimoire to find a spell to stop her dreams about Killian. Freya then tells Ingrid about what happened between her and Killian and Ingrid helps her find the potion. Wendy walks in and tells Freya that she and Joanna cleared the wall of Ramus Mortium. Freya ask Wendy to read her cards but Wendy does not like to read for family. At the bar Freya gives Killian a hair cut and takes his hair for the potion she needs. Freya takes his hair, makes the potion and drinks it. Later that day at an event at the library Dash offers Freya to go to London with him because he has a conference there. Freya so excited agrees to leave in a day and Dash offers to take her to Paris as well making her more ecstatic. Freya then goes to Killian and pulls him aside and tells him that she has a feeling that something bad is going to happen. Killian asked if it's about "us" but Freya tells him that there is not "us" and that it was a mistake to kiss him that night of her engagement party. Killian tells her to relax, it will all be fine and they both leave. Behind the bookcase Dash comes out and has heard everything that Killian and Freya was talking about and is very angry. Later at the bar Dash walks in and punches Killian and walks out and Freya goes after him leaving Killian on the floor. When they get to Fair Haven Freya walks in on Dash packing and says that he is leaving for London. Freya ask him what's wrong and why he punched Killian and he reveals that he heard her and Killian talking at the library. Freya tells him that it was a huge mistake, that it was in the past and it didn't mean anything and that he wasn't supposed to find out. She tells him that she loves him but he walks out with his suitcase and leaves for London alone. Freya returns home to find her aunt Wendy dead and tells Joanna and Ingrid that Dash found out about her and Killian and the wedding might be off. After Wendy has resurrected again they leave so she can get some rest. Later Joanna drew the Tarot Cards for Freya and tells her that one man is her soul-mate and the other is her destroyer which ever she choose will decide her fate.


Freya's powers being stolen by Penelope.

Snake Eyes - At the bar Freya is tells Ingrid about her tarot card reading about Dash and Killian, one man is her soul-mate the other her destroyer. Freya notices an arguing couple and she gives them a magic drink to make them fall in love again. Later at the bar when Ingrid left Freya begins to ignore Killian determine not to let him destroy her relationship with Dash. However Killian goes off on her telling her that he did everything she asked him to and to stop blaming her but Freya walks away. While making drinks a delivery man gives Freya a package but who is actually The Shifter in it's disguise. Freya opens the box and sees a dozen white roses however then she picks them up to smell them a thorn picks her and disappears in her skin. Freya then becomes dizzy and Penelope who has just entered the bar takes her to Fair Haven for rest. At Fair Haven Penelope gives Freya some tea and she passes out on the floor. While unconsious Penelope cast a spell over Freya and steals her powers. Dash however walks in and sees Freya in Penelope's arm she tells him that Freya passed out. Dash figured out that Freya was in Anaphylactic Shock and gave to her a shot of Epinephrine. Freya woke up and sees Dash who decides to forgive her for kissing Killian and to go on with their wedding. In Dash's room Dash goes to take a shower and Freya tries to start a fire in the fireplace but cannot. Later Freya goes home and tell Joanna, Wendy and Ingrid that her and Dash are okay and that her powers are gone.


Freya seeing her father for the first time.

A Parching Imbued - On the beach Joanna, Wendy and Ingrid are doing a ritual on Freya to find out what has happened to her powers but it is unsuccessful. The Beauchamps however do not know that they are being watched by Penelope Gardiner (who is The Shifter). Joanna and Wendy takes Freya;s blood to find out who The Shifter is and Freya goes to work. Joanna and Wendy use her blood and mixes it with other ingredients and use it to paint on a white canvas when the spell is complete the identity of the true Shifter will be revealed. Later at the bar Ingrid shows up with Freya's wedding dress. Freya goes down to the basement and tries it on. Killian then comes in and Freya begins to ramble and Killian congratulates her then leaves. At Fair Haven Dash takes Freya to the arch where they will be getting married. Freya confess's to Dash that she never wanted to get married until she meet Dash. Dash tells her that they will be starting an adventure together. Later Freya goes back to work where she is attacked by The Shifter/Penelope but instead of killing Freya she takes a lock of her hair and gives Freya a message to give to Joanna "Mortem Argentum". Joanna tells Freya that there is one possibility to get Freya's powers back. At home Joanna tells Wendy what happened to Freya and says they need to call Victor. However to Joanna and Freya's surprise Victor is in the next room Freya ask who he is and Joanna tells her he is her father. Freya goes into the dinning room and Joanna tells her that she didn't want Freya to meet him like this. Freya and Victor are able to reconcile their differences long enough to help Freya get her powers back. In the back yard Joanna, Victor and Freya are attempting to do the spell but when the spell was too painful for Freya Joanna broke it. Freya is mad that Joanna broke the spell and goes to The Bent Elbow and has drinks with Ingrid. She tells Ingrid that she meet their father but Ingrid does not care about him because he left them. Later at Dash and Freya's engagement party Victor shows up and Freya says she invited him but Joanna and Ingrid do no like it. Freya escapes with Dash who takes her to the beach. They sit under a large tree and begin to talk about their future together and what if they end up like Freya's parents, divorced. Dash tells her if there is a problem they can fix it, it's a choice to walk away and it him and Freya against the world. They share a kiss underneath the moonlight and look up at the stars. After the engagement party was over Killian shows up and tells her he loves her and to run away with him but Freya tells him no. He tells her that she will become one of his possessions and if she marry's Dash it will destroy her.


Freya's powers returning.

Oh, What A World! - Freya and Killian are still on the porch. Killian still tries to convince Freya to run away with him in his boat but she refuses and tells him to leave. Freya is in her room with her vial on Joanna comes in and the vial mysteriously rips but Joanna takes it to fix it. Freya goes into the kitchen and Victor walks in going to leave but Freya ask him to walk her down the aisle. She tells him about her tarot reading about the trickster and the emperor. Ingrid walks in and still has a bad attitude towards Victor and Victor leaves to get his suit. Freya tries to convince Ingrid that Victor is not as bad as she thinks and that he loves them. Ingrid tells Freya that she is sad that she is moving and leaving her but Freya tells her she will never leave her. Freya is eating breakfast when Joanna walks in she ask her to walk her down the aisle as well and Joanna becomes happy and says yes. She then gives Freya a box that Killian left her on their porch inside was a music box playing a song that Freya loved but do not know where it came from. Later Freya get a text from her boss Roger at The Bent Elbow to her surprise she sees Dash instead who gives her a blue sapphire bracelet. Hours before the wedding Wendy, Ingrid and Joanna are helping Freya get ready for her wedding. She shows them the bracelet Dash gave to her and they burn sage but Freya's bracelet mysteriously breaks off. Penelope comes in and tells Freya hat Victor wants to see her. Freya sees Victor in the living room where he tells her about one of her past lives. In 1906 Freya fell in love and married to a man named Henry but Freya died and he never saw Henry again until he saw Killian yesterday. Freya soon realized that Killian is her soul-mate and breaks off her wedding with Dash. She runs to her car to get to the docks and suddenly a breeze of wind stops her and inside of her body begins to glow. Freya thinking that he powers are back snaps her fingers to open a car door and it works. She drives to the docks but when she gets to the docks she sees that Killian has left.