Power Information

To manipulate the earth


Geokinesis is the power to manipulate all of earth's resources such as rocks, sand, dirt and etc.


Geokinesis, allows a witch or warlock to move rocks, sand or dirt around ones environment. When using this power, a witch or warlock can manipulate this into any form they desire.

Notable Uses

1720 Freya Beauchamp

  • Young Freya, moving sand at the beach.

Jo Noble

  • The demigoddess daughter of Ingrid Beauchamp and Matt Noble is able to manipulate sand, she can bend it to create smalls constructions made of it; in Triple Moon, she created a sand castle by only making gestures with her hands.

Freddie Beauchamp (Book)

  • Freddie has said that he can manipulate flowers and fertilize arid lands.