Power Information
  • Heal almost any physical wound

Healing is the power to regenerate broken cells quickly.


All witches are said to have this power, explained by Wendy Beauchamp. Healing can also be used to cure diseases. When using this power, the witch recites an incantation and holds their hands over the wound. When the wound starts to heal it glows a bright gold until the wound is fully regenerated. Use of this power may leave a scar on the victim, depending on the size of the injury. There are two different spells to activate this power. "Sana Sana" used by Wendy, Joanna and Freya, and "Sana et Mederi" used by Ingrid.

Notable Examples

Joanna Beauchamp

  • Joanna used this power after Vidar burned her ear for revenge for cutting off his ear. 
  • Joanna used this power after she had accidentally cut Athena/Penelope Gardiner on her back.
  • Joanna used this power after she injected Desidium into Ingrid's ear. 

Ingrid Beauchamp

  • Ingrid used this power to heal Mike after he intentionally stabbed himself with an axe to force Ingrid to admit that she was a witch and heal him.
  • Ingrid used this power to heal and cure Killian after he is dying from a spell that he and Dash cast. 

Wendy Beauchamp

  • Wendy was able to heal Ingrid's arms after she tried to reverse the resurrection spell.
  • Wendy was able to heal Tommy's back after being hit by a dart. 
  • Wendy was able to heal Joanna after she tried to commit suicide. 

Frederick Beauchamp

Ivar Zurka

  • Ivar used this power to heal his twin sister Isis by licking her wound.

Freya Beauchamp

  • Freya used her power to heal Dash after she injected him with Desidium in his ear. 

Dash Gardiner

  • Dash claims that he is able to heal his patients by putting his hands over them and that he has saved more patients than ever before in his whole career.