Hudson Rafferty
Biographical information
  • 20th Century
  • Deceased
  • Librarian
  • Human
  • Male
Family members
  • Unknown
Cause of death
  • Infected with Dragons Blood
Killed by
Played by
First seen
Last seen
Hudson Rafferty was a free spirited mortal with a passion for books, he was the best friend of  Ingrid Beauchamp and Barb who he worked with at the East End Public Library.


Hudson has an eccentric personality, yet he can be rather shy at times. He has a big sense of humour and often finds humour in the silliest of things.


Hudson helped Ingrid cast a fertility spell on Barb in the library to get her pregnant, despite him not taking it seriously, the spell worked. Hudson is rather silly at times. He has been close friends with Ingrid since she started working at the Library. They have a strong freindship and she often goes to him for support, alongside Barb. He often shares whitty chats with Ingrid when they are not working together.

Hudson was killed when the Mandragora infected him with it's Dragons Blood Poison.


Ingrid Beauchamp: Best Friend, Co-worker.

Barb: Best Friend, Co-worker.

Novel Counterpart

His character also appeared in the novels. In the books he has a boyfriend however his mother does not know he is gay, since he is still in the closet to certain people. Eventually he gets the courage to come out to her but it takes him a while to do so.