Ingrid and Adam
Forever Kiss
Nicknames None, but probable ones can be "Indam" and "Adgrid"
Status Friends, Dated, Love Each Other; Ended (Adam is dead)
First met A few years ago, before Pilot
Intimacy level Dated, Love Each Other, Possibly Sexual (Implied by Wendy Beauchamp), He is currently watching over her in the afterlife as a spirit
Portrayed by Rachel Boston and Jason Winston George

This is the tragic romance between Ingrid Beauchamp and Adam Noble. They met some time before the Pilot and Adam had been trying to ask her out for some time, but she constantly rejected him. Years later, they finally hooked up officially. Due to Ingrid casting a resurrection spell before they fell for each other (when you resurrect a person, someone else you love must die in their place in order to balance nature) and her falling for Adam, he had a fatal brain aneurism. Ingrid conjured his spirit later on. They spent some time together before Wendy Beauchamp convinced Ingrid to send his spirit into the afterlife. They are currently separated, eternally. However, he still watches over her as a spirit in the afterlife and she will always love him.

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