Joanna Beauchamp
Biographical Information
Full Name: Skadi, Mother Goddess of Earth
Joanna Beauchamp
Nickname: Jo
Age: Sixty-something (physically)
6.000 + (chronological)
Home: Midgard
France (XII century)
Salem (XVII)
East End (1693-2005)
Niflheim (currently)
Status: Deseased
Cause od Death: Drowned
Occupation: Midwife (XVII century)
Species: Goddess/Witch
World: Vanaheim
Family: The Vanir
Other: Norman Beauchamp (husband)
Children Ingrid Beauchamp
Freya Beauchamp
Freddie Beauchamp
Siblings: Helda
Grandchildren: Jo Noble
Henry Noble
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Silver grey
Blonde (youth)
Eye Color: Green
Character Information
First Appearance: Witches of East End (Book)
Last Appearance: Winds of Salem
Joanna Beauchamp, or Skadi of the Vanir, is one of the main characters of Melissa de la Cruz'Beauchamp Family series. The mother of three children, IngridFreya and Freddie, she is the most loving and protective member of the Beauchamp family.

Physical appearance

Joanna Beauchamp is described as an attractive women with gray hair, a wrinckled face and a slender figure, except for the "tire around her belly", as she likes to call it, which no diet has been able to eliminate. But this appearance of hers can shift: due to her divine nature, as Skadi, the Mother Goddess from Norse myths, Joanna's appearance at maturity is always the one of a woman in her early sixties except she actually has to give birth to her children.

Whenever Ingrid and Freya, or Freddie in the past, were killed or had to give up on their life for a time, Joanna's body would suddenly age back: her gray hair would turn into a bright blond again, her wrinckles would vanish and so would the fat in her cheeks, and her arthritis pain would heal in the blink of an eye. And though Joanna loves to see herself in this appearance of a young beautiful woman, before she can even start to enjoy it, her belly would grow and the symptoms of her pregnancy would show again: nausea, exhaustion, etc.

Back in the days of Asgard, when Joanna was a young Goddess, her beauty was such that she attracted many male Gods - and among her many suitors were Njord and Odin, the King of the Gods. Her beauty could rival the one of her own daughter, Freya, the Goddess of Love.


Basic Powers

Individual Powers

Using a Wand

  • Photokinesis
  • Spark Generation