King Nikolaus
King Nikolaus
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King Nikolaus

  • 2,000+
  • Thousands years Ago
  • Deceased
  • The King
  • Grandfather
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  • Male
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  • Gray
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King Nikolaus was an extremely powerful warlock. He was the king of Asgard and the patriarch of the Beauchamp family. He is the father of Joanna, Helena, and Wendy; the grandfather of Ingrid, Freya, and Frederick.  He is portrayed by British actor, Steven Berkoff.


King Nikolaus came into power thousands of years ago, taking the throne from his predecessor, causing a war to breakout not long after. As a result, the Beauchamps were banished from Asgard. Joanna's son Frederick sided with his grandfather and chose to stay in Asgard, rather than leave with them. Nikolaus was once possessed by the Serpens Clavem, which destroyed everything good inside him. When he banished his daughters from Asgard, he warned them that if they ever return, he would kill them both. As a result they have never been back since. He is the person responsible giving the Beauchamp women their curses.

At some point in time, his body was destroyed but his essence was placed inside of Frederick's body. When the portal was opened, he sent the Mandragora to Earth to find a host whilst Frederick carried his Soul within the The King's Symboll.


King Nikolaus is a cunning and ruthless individual. He rules over Asgard with an iron and corrupt fist.  The Serpens Clavem destroyed everything good in him and he presumably was a good, kind man before being corrupted by the Serpens Clavem. At some point he turned Frederick against his mother. He tried to poison Frederick with Argentium several times but failed due to Frederick's immunity to it. 


Due to his status as the King of Asgard, Nikolaus is an immensely powerful warlock. For example, his advanced level of power allows him the ability to raise a person from the dead, without any consequences, such as causing another person to die.

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