Maggie Friedman is an American screenwriter and Producer.  She is the showrunner

Maggie Friedman

and executive producer of Witches of East End. She also developed and produced the short lived ABC series "Eastwick" in 2009.

Working on Witches

When Maggie first offered the role of running the series her initial reaction was some-what hesitant, perhaps due to her previous work on "Eastwick" or her pilot "Spellbound". "It’s funny, when this project came to me, I did hesitate for half a beat, because I knew – I was like, “Really? Am I going to do WITCHES OF EAST END now?” But then I read the book and fell in love with the story and it is so distinct from Eastwick".

Along with running the show, Maggie has written several episodes. She also wrote the teleplay for the pilot.

Writing Credits-Witches of East End


  • Wasteland (1999) - 5 Episodes- Writer-
  • Once again (2001-2002) - 17 Episodes - Co producer & Writer
  • Dawson's Creek (2002-2003) Producer & Writer - 3 Episodes
  • Jack and Bobby (2004) - Consulting Producer & Writer
  • Kat Plus One (2004) - Writer
  • Related (2005-2006) -18 Episodes- Consulting Producer
  • Spellbound (2007) - Executive Producer & Writer
  • Eastwick (2009-2010) - 13 Episodes- Executive Producer & Writer
  • Witches of East End (2013-Present) Executive Producer & Writer