Mike Archer
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Mike Archer

  • 20th Century
  • Deceased
  • Author
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  • Male
  • Human
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Michael "Mike" Archer was a character in Witches of East End, he was researching witchcraft and believed that there are witches in town.


Mike was an intelligent author and a highly driven individual. Mike was obsessive and his quest to open the portal to Asgard turned him into a deranged individual that would stop at nothing to get his wish. His wish was granted but ultimately cost him his life. 


Early Life

Mike was raised by his father, who was a theorist and his main goal in life was to locate the portal to Asgard, a magical place where magical beings lived. Mikes father's obsession ultimately turned him insane and he later died. After his dad died, Mike decided to make it his life's ambition to locate and open the portal to Asgard, taking on all of his father's teachings. Mike was also a published author.

Season one

Mike first met Ingrid at the East End Public Library. They quickly became friends and he showed her his writings and "evidence" of witches, including a map to the portal. Mike later discovered Ingrid was a witch, however Ingrid denied it so he stabbed himself in the leg with an axe in order to get Ingrid to use her powers to heal him. Mike then became even more obsessive and determined to open the portal. He eventually took Ingrid at gunpoint, down in the Catacombs at Fair Haven where he shot Ingrid in the arm and forced her to open the portal. Joanna and Wendy rushed to stop Ingrid but it was too late, the portal was already opening. When the portal eventually opened, a blast of energy hit Mike, killing him instantly.


Ingrid Beauchamp: Former friend turned enemy (because of him), he made her reveal that she was a witch, shot her, and betrayed her by forcing her to open the portal to Asgard. Mike may have had some feelings for her and vice versa, but his obsession to find Asgard was greater.