The Occult History of Sorcery
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Ingrid with the book.
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The Occult History of Sorcery is a historical book found by Ingrid Beauchamp that contains information about the history of witchcraft and sorcery. The book contains a chapter about the Beauchamp family.


The Book is very large in size, it appears to be double the size of the Grimoire, if not larger and very thick. The pages are decorated with Illuminated letters and calligraphy. Despite being very old, the book remains in good condition. The pages are all written in French.

Le Clan de Beauchamp

Whilst flipping through the book in the Library, Ingrid discovered a chapter titled "Le Clan de Beauchamp". The title page for the chapter features the Beauchamp family crest, the tree of life, which is also featured on the title page of the Grimoire. The chapter revealed details about her family and herself that she was not aware of. One page in particular contains a picture of all the four Beauchamp women and a mysterious fifth witch known only as "The Gatherer". The book also lists Ingrid as having four arcane powers.

The Beauchamp Women's Title