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The Pentacle is a symbol used in magical evocation and magical practices. The Pentacle is a five pointed star surrounded by a circle. Each point on the Pentacle represents one of the four spiritual elements, alongside a fifth which is often Spirit or Self. An inverted pentacle is often seen as a symbol of evil, whilst the upright pentacle is a symbol of good magic.

Witches of East End

The Beauchamps often use the Pentacle within their magical workings, most commonly Ingrid who has used it on multiple occasions when she has performed magic like when she cast the Resurrection Spell on WendyIngrid and Freya also used the pentacle to send Adam Noble and Elyse back to the Spirit world. Dash and Killian used the pentacle to cast and reverse a spell.

The Pentacle also appears on the cover of The Grimoire, and can also be seen on some of the Tarot Cards.



  • Modern day Witches and Wiccans use the Pentacle as a symbol of their faith, It is also used in their own magical work, much like the Beauchamps.
  • The Pentacle is the official symbol of Witches of East End.
  • Lifetime has used the symbol in all of it's promotional videos for the series as well as some of the photo's used to promote the show.
  • When an episode airs a pentacle can be seen at the bottom of the screen which then turns into the Lifetime logo.
  • In the first promo for the series, the Beauchamps are seen casting a magic circle of fire which becomes a pentacle. The promo features a cover of the Nirvana song "Come as you are" which is performed by Masha. You can see the video here