A Potion is a liquid with magical properties. Potions are brewed with herbs, roots and spices and other ingriedients, which when combined together produce various magical effects. Although most potions are liquids, they also exist in other forms such as gels or powders.

In order for a potion to work, the person creating the potion must be magical in origin. All witches are able to concoct potions, however, some witches possess a greater affinity with making them, such as Freya Beauchamp

Potions are usually consumed internally, but sometimes potions are thrown at a target, such as a wall for opening portals. Most potions can be consumed by mortals whilst others can prove deadly and kill instantly.

Season 1 Potions

Ramous Mortium Antidote

Usage: Used to heal the effects of the Ramous Mortium, also used as a vaccine for future protection.

Youth Potion

Usage: Used to make someone younger.

Requires a tea to be made with Fever Fox.  A Spell must then be chanted over the target in order for it to have it's full impact.

Dream Control Potion

Usage: To stop dreaming about someone.

Requires- Hair from the Mortal target, Ginger and Aniseeds.

Past Life Potion

Usage: To revisit a past life.

Power suppressing Circle

Usage: To protect everything inside that circle.

Requires- Brick Dust, Blackthorn leaves, and Yarrow root. Mix together and form a circle on the ground around the target.

Season 2 Potions

Memory Potion

Usage: To get their memories back.

Requires- Crushed herbs and green fire.

Past Life Potion

Usage: To revisit a past life.

Desidium Potion

Usage: To heal from the The Mandragora poison.

Requires Cockroaches and Mandragora Flesh.

Demon's Breath

Usage: To control someone's mind. Really powerful.

Lotus Root

Usage: A powerful extract made from the root of the Lotus plant. This root Has the power to halt the effects of certain poisons.