Precognitive Dreaming
Precognitive Dreaming
Power Information
  • To dream the future.
Precognitive Dreaming, or Oniromancy, is the ability to dream of the future.


Most witches and warlocks are believed to have this power. This power occurs when the witch is unconscious or dreaming. These dreams can be clear insights into the future or brief glimpses/metaphors for coming events, some what similar to Tarot Readings. This power is unable to be controlled an can happen at any time.

Notable Examples

Joanna Beauchamp

  • Joanna had a dream that The Shifter would attack her and begin to strangle her and later on in her kitchen that is what happened.
  • In 1906 Joanna had a nightmare that Ingrid was in trouble and when she got to The Beauchamp Apothecary she had found Ingrid on the floor dead.

Ingrid Beauchamp

  • Ingrid had a dream that she would begin to die because of the resurrection spell and that her hand and arms would begin to decompose, later at the library that is what happened but she was saved by Wendy.

Freya Beauchamp

  • Freya had a dream that Dash would find out about her kiss with Killian after days had passed by Dash found out about them.
  • Freya dreamed about Killian, even before she met him.

Killian Gardiner

  • Like Freya, Killian dreamed about Freya before he met her.

Wendy Beauchamp


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