Ramous Mortium
Ramus Mortem
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First Seen Potentia Noctis
Last Seen Oh, What A World!

Ramus Mortium is a supernatural and harmful plant that kills anyone who touches it. This branch is associated with dark magic.


The name Ramus Mortium means "Branch of Death" in Latin; this plant is literally a branch of death. It excretes Argentium, a deadly poison that can kill anyone it touches. The plant itself is a strange insect-like plant with long tentacles which it uses to latch onto a human host. Since this plant is mystical in origin, it possesses certain magical powers and can move like a living creature. It also appears to be able to make noise when destroyed, such as when Wendy destroyed one by throwing it into a fireplace, prompting it to scream.


Once someone touches the branch, they are cursed by its power and will eventually die. During the first three weeks, the Ramus Mortium's effect is dormant; when it activates the drippy metallic liquid that is on the branch slowly but surely fills up your lungs until you drown from within. When Ramus Mortium grows from within a person, the person becomes immune to its poison. That is the reason why Maura Thatcher did not die despite having been in contact with it for one month.



In 1995 a woman in Louisiana went to an ER, and they found Ramus Mortium growing out of her windpipe. She claimed that she was cursed by a voodoo priestess. They examined her. but she as well as everyone in the hospital died three weeks after the incident. The hospital was demolished and the sample was never recovered. 300 years ago, Freya died from this branch because they didn't know the cure for it back then. The antidote offers protection for a few years like a tetanus shot just in case you are exposed to it again. The cure is a drink that only Freya knows how to make.You know you're cured then your ears start ringing.