Telekinetic Blast
Power Information

To generate telekinetic waves from the hands

Telekinetic Blast is the ability to generate a large amount of energy which allows the user to move subjects. Unlike traditional telekinesis (which allows the user to control the movement of subjects), this allows the user to send subjects flying through a distance by emitting a telekinetic blast. This an advanced form of telekinesis.

Notable Examples

Joanna Beauchamp

  • Joanna Beauchamp used this power to throw Vidar a few meters away after he attempted to kill her.
  • In an unknown date, she used this power to send a female running towards her with a gun a few miles back.
  • When Victor tried to get Freya's powers back, by doing a transfusion; Joanna threw him away because the spell was hurting Freya.
  • She blasted Isis off of her feet.
  • She avoided being stung by the Death Scorpion after Mason Tarkoff defended himself.

Archibald Browning

  • Archibald Browning generated telekinetic waves from the palm of his hand to throw Wendy against a wall.

Ingrid Beauchamp (1906)

  • Ingrid's past life used this power to throw Wendy down the stairs.

Dash Gardiner

  • Upon receiving his powers, an enraged Dash triggered this power to throw Killian.
  • Dash used this ability to knock over a table at The Bent Elbow.
  • Dash used this ability in the fight against Killian

Killian Gardiner

  • Killian used this ability in the fight against Dash
  • Killian used this ability to get some rubble off of him after the fight with Dash

Mason Tarkoff

  • Tarkoff used this ability to avoid being stung by the Death Scorpion. 

King Nikolaus

  • King Nikolaus used this ability to send Ingrid flying to the wall.
  • King Nikolaus also used this ability to send Dash flying to the chair. 

Penelope Gardiner

  • Penelope also had this power, she as the Shapeshifter attacked Joanna however it missed her due to a civillian getting in the way and simply knocked him into her. It is possible that this was Dash or Killian's power as she had stolen her sons' powers when they were babies. 

Hillary Liman

  • Hilly and the other Valkyries used this power against Freya when she was trying to prevent them from dragging Killian's body to the Limbo.

Molly Overbrook

  • Molly generated invisible energy waves from the palm of her hand to move a bunch of objects at the Cheesemonger.
  • She used this power again against her sister, but Mardi could resist the attack and instead was a table what went flying away.


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