The Bent Elbow
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First Seen Pilot
Last Seen The Fall of the House of Beauchamp

The Bent Elbow is the town bar located in East End, it is the workplace of both Freya Beauchamp and Killian Gardiner.  Many scenes take place in the bar, it is one of the more prominent locations seen throughtout the series. Killian started working at the bar in Today I Am A Witch when the owner was impressed with his work after he helped Freya who was swamped with customers at the time. Killian spends the majority of his time at the bar when he is not working, since Freya is usually there.


The bar has been around for nearly a hundred years. In Pilot  Freya was imprisoned inside a painting which was hanging on the wall in the bathroom by Doug who was one of Freya's lovers an her past life. When Freya entered the picture she found herself in the 1920's at a Speakeasy.




  • The Bent Elbow was actually named after a bar in Maggie Friedman's hometown [1].
  • In Season 2 the counter area of the Bent Elbow was remade for unknown reasons. The newer version was made much larger than the original version.