The Gardiner Grimoire
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First Seen The Brothers Grimoire
Last Seen When A Mandragora Loves A Woman

The Gardiner Grimoire is an ancient Grimoire belonging to the Gardiner brothers, Dash and Killian. Penelope left the Grimoire for her two sons when she died. The book is hidden under a floorboard in the Attic at Fair Haven.


It is currently unknown how old the Grimoire is. Archibald Browning began the book and wrote the majority of the Spells in it. Penelope left the Grimoire to her sons in her Will. When she died, her lawyer Mr. Shane gave Dash and Killian a magical scroll which when they touched it, it opened to reveal a parchment with a spell written on it. When the brothers chanted the spell, the paper flew up into the air and revealed the deer symbol on the floorboard. Dash then removed the floorboard and unearthed the book.


The Gardiner Grimoire is slightly larger than the Beauchamp's Grimoire, it is also notably darker in content. The book is kept wrapped in a leather hide when not in use. It has two covers, an outer cover and an Inner cover. The outer cover is made of wood and has a Satanic deer on the front. The actual inner cover of the book appears to be made out of red skin or flesh.


The pages are decorated with Demonic figures and snakes. Most pages are written in Latin but at least one page is written with a Runic alphabet. The book appears to have Dark Magic within its pages. The Vitality Spell and an entry on Mandragoras are among the pages in the Grimoire.