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The Trunk is an enchanted storage box which is home to the Beauchamps magical Items, including the Grimoire.  The Trunk is located in a secret compartment inside the Breakfront.


The Trunk is a large antique Steamer Trunk which is home to the Beauchamp's magical items. The exterior of the Trunk is adorned with Pewter embelishments. The Trunk is unique in that it can not be opened by those without magical powers. It also does not have a lock or any kind of visible opening. The Interior of the Box has a large Octagon shaped mirror, whilst the storage compartments inside hold a variety of magical ingredients including: Candles, Crystals, Feathers, Herbs, Roots and Resins. The main area of the Trunk is home to the Grimoire. The main area is also home to many items that Joanna has collected over the centuries; a hammer which she used to bury a man beneath a floorboard, a bottle which Joanna used to poison an elderly woman with and a gun which Joanna was attacked with in the past. Joanna also keeps photos of her daughters, Freya and Ingrid, inside the trunk and anything else relating to their past lives. The pictures show them in their various incarnations over the centuries. 


The Trunk is unique in that it cannot be not can it be accessed by mortals unless already open. When Ingrid first discovered the Trunk in Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P. she was unable to open the box, in frustration she said "you're an idiot Ingrid, the box isn't just going to open because I say Open" after saying this the Trunk then magically opened.



  • The Trunk also appears in the book series, and holds the Beauchamp Wands. The trunk is located in the attic behind a false wall rather than the breakfront.  
  • The Trunk & it's contents (minus the Grimoire) were sold at auction by FOX after the series was cancelled. The final bid was $10,000.