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Victor Beauchamp
Biographical information
  • Unknown (Age 400+)
  • Deceased
  • Prince of Asgard (formerly)
  • Doctor (formerly)
  • History Professor
  • Male
Family information
Family members
Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Trying to restore Freya's powers with the help of Joanna
Cause of death
  • Explosion spell
Killed by
Played by
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"I tried for centuries to forget you. Doesn't work."
— Victor to Joanna [src]

Victor Beauchamp was a powerful warlock. He is the the ex-husband of Joanna Beauchamp and the father of Freya, Ingrid, and Frederick Beauchamp.


Early Life

Victor used to live in Asgard with his wife Joanna Beauchamp and their children, Ingrid and the twins Frederick and Freya. He and Joanna were forced to leave Frederick behind in Asgard when Joanna and Wendy were banished from Asgard by their father, King Nikolaus. Victor has kept his distance from the girls over the years. In the 1900's, Victor helped Freya with her bar which she owned with Henry, her lover-this was the last time Victor saw Freya until 2013, when he came back into their lives.

Season 1

Coming back to East End

Did Joanna say it was okay for me to come back?
— Victor [src]

Victor comes back to his family's lives after Wendy asks him to help Freya with her powers. The spell to restore Freya's powers failed but he was asked to come back by Freya and to walk her down the aisle at her wedding.

Season 2

Victor helped Joanna with her Argentum poisoning using his knowledge of Medicinal Magic. He was able to temporarily halt the effects of the Poisoning process. He left East End and travelled to the Amazon in South America to find a cure for Joanna.  He was later kidnapped and tortured by Isis and Ivar.  Victor sacrificed himself in order to protect Freya from an explosive spell.


Joanna Beauchamp: Ex-wife, still love each other, friends, helped Joanna with Argentum poisoning. (See the main relationship page for Joanna and Victor)

Wendy Beauchamp: Ex-sister in law.

Ingrid Beauchamp: Oldest daughter.

Freya Beauchamp: Youngest daughter; He sacrificed his life for her.

Frederick Beauchamp: Youngest son. Betrayed him and sided with King Nikolaus

Season 1

Victor Beauchamp/Season 1

Season 2

Victor Beauchamp/Season 2

Powers and Abilities

Victor was a warlock who presumably had all the basic powers of one. He moves a lot faster than most people would and has a deep knowledge on rituals and spells pertaining to magical afflictions, like having your powers stolen or being poisoned by Argentium. He was also cursed by King Nikolaus upon being banished from Asgard, gaining a form of immortality not very different from Joanna's and having to watch his daughters grow and die over and over again. 

Basic Powers

Individual Powers


Novel Counterpart

In the novels, his name is Norman Beauchamp. He was driven away by Joanna because he had let his daughters die in Salem and had not intervened to save them. Norman also had a brother named Arthur Beauchamp.