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Biological Information


  • 400+
  • Centuries Ago
  • Deceased
Physical Information
  • Male
Hair Color
  • Gray
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Vidar was a powerful warlock and a Shapeshifter. He is a character and one of the antagonists in Witches of East End.


Early Life

Vidar was a warlock who lived in Salem and a friend to Joanna Beauchamp. In 1692 he turned Joanna's daughters Ingrid and Freya into the Witch Hunters, which resulted in them being burned at the stake. Joanna rushed to save her girls but she was too late, discovering their burnt skeletons strung up on two wooden stakes, Vidar admitted to Joanna that he turned the girls in due to the fact that they were reckless with their gifts and to keep their secret safe. An enraged Joanna then cut off his ear as revenge. 

Season 1

In Today I Am A Witch his true identity was shown while he was making the energy Talisman.

In A Few Good Talisman whilst working alongside the Shapeshifter he plotted to destroy Joanna and her family, he made an energy talisman to suck away Joanna's powers. Vidar Shapeshifted into Redman, an ally of Joanna's in order to kill her but his plan failed when Harrison destroyed the energy talisman, bringing back Joanna's powers. Joanna killed Vidar with a poker from the fireplace. Before Vidar died he revealed that he will not be the last enemy summoned to attack the girls and that he was in fact working with the Shifter all along. 


Vidar possesses basic Warlock powers and can also Shapeshift at will.

Basic Powers

Individual Powers