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First Seen Today I Am A Witch
Last Seen For Whom the Spell Tolls
Ingrid: You're not a regular person, Dash. And neither am I -- we're witches.
Dash: I'm a witch?
Ingrid: Technically a warlock.
Dash: I'm a warlock? I'm a warlock?! Come on, that just sounds crazy!
Ingrid: We can call it something else if you want, but it still means the same thing.
Dash Gardiner and Ingrid Beauchamp [src]

Warlocks are male members of a supernatural race of people that come from the dimension of Asgard and are the male counterparts of witches.

History and Origins


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Warlocks come from the realm of Asgard, a magical world adjacent to Earth. Several centuries ago, there was a rebellion formed against the ruler of Asgard, King Nikolaus, and many warlocks, including several members of the royal family, were banished to the mortal world as punishment and were forced to live amongst humans.

Warlocks have a different brain structure than mortals do as their brains are more complex in shape and appearance. They also live for centuries since they do not age like mortals.

When a warlock dies, his soul travels to the Underworld where he must await judgement.

The Warlock's Code

Warlocks on Earth follow a sacred code that forbids them from revealing themselves to outsiders (even their mortal spouses). All warlocks must keep their secret safe due to the threat of persecution. Any warlock who breaks the Warlock's Code and tells a mortal or a mortal witnesses magic, they have to cast a Memory Spell on them.

Known Warlocks

Beauchamp Family
Browning/Gardiner Family

Powers and Abilities

Warlocks are able to manipulate and change the world they live in by casting spells. Every warlock has an individual source of power, which differs their functions from one another, such as emotions, strength of mind or gut instinct. All warlocks have individual powers that differ from one another.


  • Male humans can be turned into warlocks through magical means.
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