Wendy Beauchamp
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Wendy Beauchamp

  • 600+
  • Centuries Ago
  • Alive (Resurrected)
  • Princess of Asgard (formerly)
  • Beauchamp Apothecary co-owner (formerly)
  • Voodoo-Shop Owner (currently)
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  • Female
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  • Black
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"Everything you do is righteous and justified and everything I do is wrong, even when I'm trying to help"
— Wendy to Joanna [src]

Wendy Beauchamp is one of the main characters of Witches of East End and a very powerful witch. She is the younger daughter of King Nikolaus, the younger sister of Joanna Beauchamp, sister of Helena Beauchamp, the sister-in-law of Victor Beauchamp, and the aunt of Ingrid, Freya, and Frederick Beauchamp.


Wendy is a bright, eccentric, and sultry witch who has a brilliant sense of humor. Wendy is a rather devil-may-cry type of person, talking casually about how many times she has died over the centuries because of her curse. She is liberated, doesn't really dress for her age, and is not afraid to speak her mind, much to her older sister's annoyance.   

She enters the series concerned for her sister and her nieces' well-being, coming all the way from New Orleans to warn Joanna of a great danger. Wendy got really agitated when she learned that Joanna had decided not to tell Ingrid and Freya about their powers as witches and, unlike Joanna, she decided to teach the girls how to use their powers. Wendy encourages her nieces to embrace their heritage and to see magic for how beautiful it really is. 

Wendy is not without her own brand of vulnerability, as she was deeply apologetic for spewing hateful remarks at her sister when she was being corrupted by the Serpens Clavem. Wendy outwardly says to her sister that she really misses her nephew, Frederick, so much and they bond over their shared longing.

Upon the start of the second season, Wendy has exhibited a more grounded, mature, and realistic side to herself, since she is on her last life and her sister is dying from the Argentium poisoning. Though she doesn't want her sister to die, she knows that the Argentium has took its toll on Joanna's body and her sister may not have much time left. 

When her nephew, Frederick, comes back into the picture, Wendy has a hard time trusting him because he betrayed the Beauchamp women and his father and apparently left them to the mercy of King Nikolaus. Even when Joanna is apparently healed of her affliction by Frederick and mother and son convince her otherwise, Wendy is still very wary of Frederick's actions. This distrust grew into a new high when she and Joanna witnessed Frederick cast a suspicious spell in the woods. Despite Frederick successfully convincing Joanna he can be trusted, Wendy wouldn't have any of it, laughing off how Joanna fell for her son's words. Eventually she learned to trust him after he saved her from The Mandragora.


Early Life

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Asgardian Wendy

Joanna and Wendy, were both born in the realm of Asgard, where they lived with their father and Joanna's son Frederick. It is not certain, when they born. We can tell that they have lived for centuries. At some point the girls were cursed and banished from Asgard by their grandfather which ultimately led them to enter the mortal world. In Pilot, some flashbacks occur, of the girls being burned at stake. This might have happened in the 1600's when the Salem witch trials occurred in 1692. In the 1900's, Wendy was co-owner of the Beauchamp Apothecary with her sister Joanna. The Apothecary was widely sought out by the towns who were seeking cures. In 1905 Wendy was forced to leave the Apothecary, as her attempt to kill Archibald Browning resulted in the death of her niece, Ingrid. Joanna ordered Wendy to leave and never return, so for the next hundred years that is what she did. After leaving the Family, she moved to New Orleans, where she setup a Voodoo Shop. Wendy has had several husbands throughout her lifetime, she is also a Widow to her former husband.

Coming to East End

Wendy came to East End  in 2013, to warn Joanna about evil that is out to get her and her daughters. While Wendy came, she learned that Joanna wanted to hide the fate of Ingrid and Freya, to which Wendy was irritated with. Wendy, then went against Joanna's wishes and taught the girls all about their powers and that they are witches. This was mistaken wrong, as Ingrid almost killed herself trying to change a spell, even though Wendy told her, that it would be dangerous.

Throughout The Series

Wendy and Joanna

Wendy reunites with her sister.

Pilot - Wendy is first seen as a cat that gets run over by a car, after her death she reverted back into her human form naked. Her body is then taken away, she is then resurrected because of her curse of nine lives and walks out of the hospital in a coat. She then later arrives at her sister's home who is surprised to see her. Wendy tells her sister that her life is endangered. Joanna then takes her in and give her clothes to wear, she then reveal that they are both immortal. Joanna hasn't talked to her sister for over a hundred years. Joanna then wants to talk about to talk about how her life is endangered Wendy then tells her that they will need Freya and Ingrid's help but Joanna reveals that they do not know that they are witches. She tells Wendy that she has gotten sick and tired of watching them dying over and over again but Wendy tells her that sooner or later the truth will come out. Wendy then used Tarot Cards to show her that her life is endangered. Joanna then tells her daughters about their aunt Wendy when see in her cat form comes in but Joanna chases her away Joanna then tells her no magic around the girls. Wendy comes back in her human form and instantly gets along with Freya but when Ingrid sees her she realized that she is the woman in the photo that vanished in her hands. Wendy, Freya and Joanna then go to the farmers market where Wendy reveals that she can read aura's like Freya. At home Wendy is making a stew to find out who the The Shapeshifter is. The Shifter disguised as Joanna comes in and stabs her. Wendy is lying on the floor dying when Joanna walks in, Wendy then tells her that an old lover of Freya is back for revenge as she dies on the floor and goes into her cat form to be resurrected again and Joanna gets arrested by Adam.

Ingrid Ressurection Spell

Wendy resurrected by Ingrid.

Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P. - Ingrid unknowingly that Wendy would come back resurrects her to help her save Freya. Wendy then tells her that she shouldn't have done that because she would have come back it just takes a few hours and that there is a rule to bringing someone back from the dead which is "If you bring someone you love back from the dead then someone you love has to die". They then make their was to the The Bent Elbow where Freya is trapped in a painting due to a spell that Doug had cast. Wendy is forced to tell Ingrid about who they really are. Wendy uncontrollably turns into a cat because of the resurrection spell so Ingrid does it on her own. Ingrid starts to cast the spell but then see Freya made it out on her own and the three of them make it out of the bar. Ingrid forgetting to close the spell accidentally lets Doug out. In the car Ingrid tells Freya all that Wendy told her, just when Wendy turned back into her human form. They then go to a cemetery where Joanna hid money and use that to bail her out. After Joanna is out of jail the four then have a talk out why Joanna kept them being witches a secretgo and that she was just trying to protect them. Freya the walks out and the three out looking for her. Freya comes home later and is attacked by Doug who freezes her underwater using a spell. They come back just in time Ingrid pulls Freya from under the water and Joanna and Wendy trap Doug back into the painting. The next morning they all are burying him in the park because they do not kill people. When they got home Dash is waiting at the door steps for Freya and the other walk into the house. At night The Shapeshifter cast a dark spell over the tree outside of their home the tree then turns black, the leaves and flowers fall off and a symbol appears on the tree.

Wendy Healing Ingrid

Wendy healing Ingrid's hands and arms.

Today I Am A Witch - Ingrid and Wendy are in the kitchen discussing if they can find out who is going to die due to the resurrection spell. Wendy shows Ingrid how beautiful magic can be using her powers. Freya and Joanna come into the room Joanna lies and says she took care of the shifter to keep the girls safe and tells the girls not to do magic and then throws the Grimoire into the fireplace. Later Wendy goes outside and Joanna joins Wendy and calls her out on her lie and sees where the shifter did the dark spell and put the symbol Malus Amplio on the tree. Later Wendy is teaching Ingrid and Freya how to use their magic where Wendy reveals that her powers are ruled by instinct. Wendy then draws the Malus Amplio on Joanna's head board to try and jog some memories and has a list of Joanna's enemies but needs her help to finish it. They have a heart to heart moment there Wendy tells Joanna that she is trying to protect her family. At the bar Wendy is having drinks with Ingrid who is trying to convince her that she can reverse the spell. Wendy tells her that she is to new but Ingrid does the spell anyway but the spell almost kills her turning her hands and arms white. Wendy finds her just in time and heals her arms. At the library Wendy tells Ingrid that she cannot keep worrying about how is going to die when Adam interrupts then, she then goes home. At home Joanna tells Wendy about how the shifter attacked her but was saved by Freya. Joanna then tells her that she knows that Wendy has been teaching them magic and that it's okay. Joanna, Wendy, Ingrid and Freya then counteract the shifters spell on the tree outside where the tree is given life again and blooms.

Wendy Butterfly

Wendy casting a spell on Maura.

A Few Good Talisman - In the morning Joanna and Wendy tell Freya and Ingrid that they are allowed to use their magic. Joanna says only for emergency but Wendy says and for fun sometimes and turns the water from a hose into snow. At dinner they are all out having dinner with a family friend Harrison Welles when Maura Thatcher comes up to Joanna and accuses her of murdering her husband. Wendy getting sick of Maura's accusations makes inside of her throat bleed and make her cough up blood. The family and Harrison hurry up and leave. Wendy then searches for a rare butterfly (Himalayan Stamped Crown) and finds out a man named Leo Wingate owns one. Before she can leave Freya walks in and ask her for help to get Dash and Killian to go to dinner at their mother's home Wendy then helps her get supplies for the spell. After helping Freya she goes to his apartment has sex with him and steals the butterfly. She then goes to the hospital where Maura Thatcher was committed Wendy casts a spell over the butterfly that brings it back to life and enters Maura's ear. On another part of the hospital Ingrid's boyfriend Adam dies due to the resurrection spell that brought her back to life.

Wendy Joanna

Wendy telling Joanna to get off her high-horse.

Electric Avenue - On the day of Adam's funeral Ingrid is in her room when Wendy comes in and try to convince her to go to the funeral but she says that she doesn't want to play the grieving widow because they only went out on a couple of dates. At a courthouse Joanna and Maura are there the judge ask Maura what happened the night her husband died but she couldn't remember and started to hallucinate. Walking past Freya's room Wendy sees her wearing a dress that Ingrid died in, in one of her past lives and burns it. Freya then tells Wendy about Dash's old fiancée Elyse and tells her that she is worried, Wendy then tells her that she should talk to Dash. Maura has gone insane and Joanna and Harrison confront Wendy believing that she had something to do with it she lies to them but they both know that. Freya comes in and tells Wendy that Elyse is a ghost Wendy then realizes why Ingrid isn't in mourning she goes to Ingrid's room and sees that Ingrid summoned Adam's spirit back. Wendy then tells her that she needs to send him back because she is going to change and he is going to stay the same, which makes her rethink her decision. While walking through the park Joanna sees Maura trying to scratch off imaginary leeches off of her body. Joanna then confronts Wendy about what she did to Maura Wendy then tells Joanna that see saw a problem and she fixed it. Joanna tells Wendy that they have an obligation not to abuse their powers Wendy tells Joanna to get off of her high-horse because she just killed a man and storms out. Later that night Joanna waited for Wendy she tells Wendy that she is right, she needs to get off her high-horse and tells her that she slept with Harrison. Wendy then ask Joanna to help her make things right with Maura but she can't memory spells are permanent but Joanna tells her she can help her make things a little better though. Maura is seen picking flowers from a bush with her husband Bill Thatcher when Joanna and Wendy come and greet then. It turns out that Joanna and Wendy cast a spell over her to take her to a dream world and leaves she however is in a mental institution.

Wendy 1906

Wendy in 1906.

Potentia Noctis - Wendy is first seen teaching Beauchamp how to use Pyrokinesis, Freya uses this power and they are both in joy. Wendy goes inside their home and joins Ingrid and Joanna where Ingrid shows them her in a past life hugging a little girl. Ingrid then start to ask questions about her past life but they do not tell her and she leaves. Joanna and Wendy sit down, Wendy wants to tell Ingrid but Joanna says if she does she might never forgive her. Ingrid cast a spell to take her to her past life where her, In 1906 Wendy and Joanna own The East End Public Library but used it as an herb shop. Archibald Browning then comes in and ask for Fever Fox but they do not sell him any, Archibald then turns his attention to Ingrid and Wendy can see something is going on with them. In the Present Freya comes to Wendy holding Ramous Mortioum (branch of death) Wendy then tells Freya about Ramous Mortioum and tells her to make the antidote because Freya has a gift for potions and to also make Dash and Amy drink it too. In 1906 Wendy catches Ingrid in a wedding dress and taking herbs and she known that she is planning on running away with Archibald to Asgard. Archibald and Athena appear waiting for Ingrid, Archibald then knocks out Wendy and telekinetic-ally holds Wendy and try to convince Ingrid to kill her but Ingrid refuses. Wendy then wakes up a create a Metal Ball and aims it for Athena but was possibly trying to aim for Arichbald but still dizzy. Wendy launches the metal ball but Ingrid jumps in front of it knocking her over the stairwell then dies. Ingrid wakes up in her bed the spell she cast over and starts screaming, Joanna then comes in and ask her what's wrong and she replied "Wendy killed me". Joanna then came in Archibald attacked Wendy for killing Ingrid but Joanna kills him. Joanna is angry if Ingrid dies then Freya dies and if Freya dies then Ingrid dies Joanna trying to stay calm and instead tells Wendy to get out and that she never wants to see her again. In the Present Wendy ask Ingrid if she wants to get breakfast but Ingrid says she has to get to work and leaves in a hurry (because she knowns that Wendy killed her) leaving Wendy finding it very suspicious. Freya then walks in and tells Joanna and Wendy that their is a wall of Ramous Mortioum under Fair Haven.

Wendy and 1906 Ingrid

Wendy being killed by 1906 Ingrid.


Unburied - The episode starts with Wendy being tied up in a chair and being tortured by an unknown person. It is then revealed that the unknown person is Ingrid who kills Wendy by using a spell to reach into her heart and taking one of her nine lives. 24 hours earlier Freya and Ingrid are in the kitchen when Wendy joins them she then tried to talk to Ingrid but she runs away. She tells her that she got rid of the wall of Ramous Mortioum under Fair Haven, then starts to talk to Freya who ask her to read her Tarot Cards but she doesn't like to read for family Freya then invites her to an event in the library. In the cemetery The Shifter reanimates 1906 Ingrid The Shifter is revealed to be Penelope Gardiner. At the house Wendy confronts Joanna about why Ingrid has been avoiding her and Joanna admits that Ingrid knows about the time she killed her. Wendy then tracks down Leo who forgives her for stealing his rare butterfly and they both start a relationship, but Wendy doesn't know that she is being watched by 1906 Ingrid who wants revenge. She is then seen at Leo's apartment after having sex. 1906 Ingrid pretending to be Present Ingrid tricks Wendy into coming with her by telling her that The Shifter attacked Joanna but Wendy figures out that she is not really Ingrid and then 1906 Ingrid telekinetic-ally throws her down the their and knocks her out. It is then revealed that it was 1906 Ingrid that was torturing Wendy at the beginning of the episode and is looking for the Serpent Clavem but Wendy says it was destroyed. Leo then goes to Wendy's home and Joanna answers the door he tells her that Wendy is missing and Joanna uses a spell to tracks her down. Joanna then finds Wendy being killed by 1906 Ingrid she rescues Wendy but kills 1906 Ingrid because she was already dead. At their home Wendy is resurrected again by her nine lives. She then has a conversation with Ingrid and ask her if they are okay and even now because Wendy killed her in 1906 and now 1906 Ingrid killed her. Ingrid apologizes for killed her but Wendy tells her that what her past lives do she shouldn't feel guilty for it because it wasn't her but her past life they then reconcile and hug. Wendy then goes to talk to Joanna and tells her that The Shifter wants the Serpent Clavem but Joanna says that it was destroyed, she then realizes that Wendy's necklace is red meaning that this is her last life. Later that night Joanna goes to the park and digs up a box inside was the Serpent Clavem that she told Wendy she destroyed.

Wendy Corrupted

Wendy strangling Joanna after being corrupted by the Serpent Clavem.

Snake Eyes - In the morning Joanna is waiting for Wendy. When Wendy arrives Joanna shows her that she didn't really destroy the Serpent Clavem. She told Wendy that she kept it hidden all these years so that Archibald could never find it. Wendy then ask her why would she keep it all these years because if is seductive, corrupt and poisonous. Wendy figures it out Joanna kept it encase she would ever use it again to go back home. Wendy wants to destroy it but Joanna wants to keep it because she wants to see someone named Frederick but Joanna doesn't want to talk about him. The Serpents Clavem then calls out to Wendy, she reaches for it and it jumps onto her her arm and poisons her and then latches onto her arm. Wendy then screams and Joanna comes in, Joanna goes to get the Grimoire but the Serpent Clavem has already puts it's venom into Wendy and corrupts her. Joanna comes back and finds Wendy gone she when finds her in the dinning room. Wendy being corrupted by the snake tried to convince Wendy that maybe Asgard is safe and try to leave but Joanna casts a spell to lock Wendy inside. Wendy searches for Joanna but cannot find her until Joanna attacks her and enchanted coats to hold Wendy down. Wendy then starts to talk about Frederick and reveal that he is her son and that he was left behind because he was turned against her. Joanna feeling sad had given Wendy an opening and she broke free of the enchanted coats. Joanna then searches for Wendy in the dark when Wendy leaps onto her but Joanna fights her off. She then starts to talk about Joanna's ex-husband and how he left her. Joanna having enough of Wendy uses Telekinesis to throw her away. Wendy crashes through the glass kitchen door and starts to throws knives and sharp objects at her but Joanna stops them and Wendy gets away. Joanna then takes a pair of scissors and enchants it, puts it in her back pocket and goes after her Wendy is banging on the door with the trunk used to contain the Grimoire and then hurls it at Joanna to traps her. Wendy is then strangling Joanna she is planning to go to the portal and offer Joanna as a sacrifice. Joanna then distracts Wendy by opening the door then stabs Wendy through her hand and cuts of the Serpents Clavem with the enchanted scissors destroying it. Wendy then sees Joanna by the fireplace and goes over to join her, she then apologizes for everything she said when she was corrupted by the serpent. Joanna then comes to terms that she may never see her son again. Ingrid then walks in and ask if Asgard is real, Joanna and Wendy ask how does she know about Asgard and she tells them that a guy named Mike told her about it. They then tell her to not humour find and to just stay away from him. Freya then walks in and tells them that her powers are gone.

Wendy and Victor

Wendy meeting up with Victor after a long time.

A Parching Imbued - Wendy, Joanna, Ingrid and Freya are on the beach doing a ritual to try and find out what happened to Freya's power but the ritual is unsuccessful. Penelope is then seen secretly watching them knowing that she had stolen Freya's powers. They then go to their home and find a spell in the Grimoire to try and find out who The Shifter is and get Freya's power back, they then take her blood for the spell. Freya then tells them what happen but they do not find anything out of the ordinary and Freya leaves for work. Wendy and Joanna then use some of Freya's blood with other ingredients and use it as paint on a white canvas the picture of The Shifter's true form is suppose to slowly rise. Wendy then suggest that Joanna and Victor do a spell to get Freya's powers back because he is her father but Joanna doesn't want to risk it. Wendy then goes behind Joanna's back and goes ask Victor for his help at first he refuses but Wendy was able to talk him into it. Victor is reading about spell she then ask if she can do the spell instead of Joanna he then discovers that Joanna does not know he is coming. He tried to leave but Wendy convinces him to stay and hide in her room until she tells Joanna. Wendy is in the kitchen cooking when Joanna and Freya walk in she tells her that Freya was attacked by The Shifter and decides to do the spell with Victor. Wendy to Joanna's surprise calls Victor who is in the next room Freya ask who he is and Joanna says he's your father. Victor, Joanna and Freya attempt to do the spell in the backyard but is incomplete after Joanna pushes Victor away because Freya was in too much pain. Later the rehearsal dinner Wendy and Joanna are testing everyone to find out which one is The Shifter but are not successful. At the canvas that Joanna and Wendy had used to find out who The Shifter is someone is looking at it. Penelope Gardiner is the person who has seen it and changes it to something else. When Wendy and Joanna got to the painting instead of it showing The Shifter it showed the catacombs under Fair Haven but they do not know what it means.

Ingrid, Joanna and Wendy

Wendy, Ingrid and Joanna watch as someone comes out of the portal to Asgard.

Oh, What A World! - Wendy is first seen in her cat form in Fair Haven's catacombs where she finds Argentum leaking out of the wall all the way from Asgard. She then goes back to the family home and tells both Victor and Joanna about it. They believe that the shifter is trying to get Argentum because it's one of the only few poisons that can kill Joanna. Victor then offers his help and Joanna is glad to hear it. It's the day of Freya's wedding and it is raining Wendy immediately thinks that it is a bad omen. She looks in Joanna's hands and she asks what's in her hands and it's Freya's ripped vial outside a crow has flown onto their door which makes it "Three Harbingers Of Doom. Wendy thinks they should cancel Freya's wedding but Joanna talks her out of it but instead the counter-act very thing the shifter throws at them meet her darkness to their light, Wendy agrees. She then goes outside and cast a light spell over the dead crow that then vanishes. She then goes inside and helps Joanna wrap some sage to do a blessing before the wedding. They then start to talk about Joanna and Victor and Joanna admits that she still loves him. Later Wendy, Joanna and Ingrid are helping Freya get ready for her wedding they are laughing, drinking champagne and taking pictures Freya then comes out in her stunning wedding dress. They then burn the sage and do the blessing. Freya's sapphire bracelet that was given to her by Dash falls off and Joanna says she can fix it but Wendy points out that it is another bad omen. Joanna finds out that Penelope is The Shapeshifter and goes to find Wendy. When she does they both go down to the catacombs to make sure nothing has changed. Wendy then reveals that she is not Wendy but is Penelope who was using her Shapeshifting powers and electrocutes Joanna knocking her out and traps her around a magic circle that binds her powers. Penelope then reveals that she wants revenge for her father. She then tells Joanna that Dash and Killian are mortal because she stole their powers when they were babies. The real Wendy is searching for Joanna she then ask Victor where Joanna is but he doesn't know they both then split up. Wendy finds Joanna in the catacombs where she sees Penelope has tied Joanna down she then start's to fight Penelope. Wendy is being strangled by Penelope but she manages to breaks the circle that was binding Joanna's power. Joanna then wraps a rope around Penelope's neck as Wendy hoist her up Joanna then throws Penelope into the furnace killing her and releasing Freya, Dash and Killian's powers back to them. Joanna and Wendy feel a rumbling in the catacombs and run to where the locked door to Asgard. They find Ingrid being forced to open the portal by Mike. Wendy pushes Mike away and Joanna pulls Ingrid away from the portal but it is to late the portal has been open. When the portal is opened Mike has disintegrated from the lights of Asgard and an unknown person make their way through the portal.




King Nikolaus

King Nikolaus is Wendy's father. He claims to have suffered greatly after being betrayed and rebelled against by his own family. As punishment, he banished the entire Beauchamp Family (except Frederick) and cursed them, with Wendy having to live nine lives, seen by how her once blue pendant changed to green.

Joanna Beauchamp

Main Article: Joanna and Wendy

Joanna Beauchamp is Wendy's older sister. Prior to the events of 1906, Wendy lived with Joanna and her daughters. At that point, Wendy, Joanna, and Ingrid had an apothecary where they selled herbs and helped the sick. Wendy tried to stop Ingrid from leaving with Archibald Browning, the cult-leading owner of Fair Haven at the time, and ended up inadvertantly killing her. When Joanna found her daughter's body and figured out what happened, she killed Archibald and threw Wendy out, furious at how everything turned out and knowing that Freya will follow.

More than 100 years later, Wendy came back to East End, warning Joanna of a new, dangerous threat that wanted to destroy their family. Though Joanna was reluctant at the thought of having Wendy around, Joanna finally accepted her younger sister back into the family (with a few bumps along the road), allowing Wendy to tutor the girls in magic. Wendy and Joanna have been working together to protect the girls from the threat of the Shifter and a few others, while helping them come into their own as witches. Finally, both Wendy and Joanna worked together to take down Penelope Gardiner, the Shifter.

However, when Wendy found out that Joanna has hid the Serpens Clavem, the only known key to Asgard, instead of destroying it, she was furious, despite not judging her sister for her reasons. Wendy found herself enthralled by the serpent and it latched onto her. Joanna had to keep Wendy from leaving the house long enough for her to get the serpent off of her sister. Wendy, under the influence of the serpent, began spweing hateful remarks at her sister, reminding her of the things that happened in the past that she never told the girls. Joanna had enough and finally destroyed the serpent. Despite what transpired during that day, the sisters were crying in each other's arms, resolving their deep-seated issues and bonding over their shared longing for Frederick, Joanna's only son.

However, when Frederick finally came back from Asgard, Wendy had a hard time trusting him as he betrayed them to their father and got them banished and cursed in the first place. Even though Frederick healed Joanna of the argentium poisoning, Wendy still didn't trust him and even tried to get him to tell the truth with the power of the Radix Sinceritate, something that Joanna doesn't appreciate. Things would only get worse, as Joanna would still choose to believe her son even though both she and Wendy saw him do something questionable in the woods, earning a sarcastic laugh from Wendy.

Ingrid Beauchamp

Main Article: Wendy, Ingrid and Freya

Ingrid is Wendy's older niece. When they first met, Ingrid was rather reluctant to getting close to her, as she remembers coming across a picture of the two of them from way back in Fair Haven. However, Ingrid and Joanna come home to Wendy dying from a stab wound caused by the Shifter, warning them of what the Shifter has done to Freya before finally passing on. Ingrid didn't know that Wendy had nine lives so she brought her back with a resurrection spell, something that Wendy didn't appreciate. However, the Beauchamp women worked together to save Freya and trap her attacker in a painting. Wendy and Freya managed to work together to release Ingrid from the thrall of the Mandragora.

Since then, Wendy and Ingrid have grown very close, as the older Beauchamp lady would teach her niece about magic and get her out of very dangerous situations, like the after-effects of a poorly written spell. She bonded with her over the after-effects of Ingrid's resurrection spell, trying to help her accept whatever consequences it entailed. When Adam died as a price for Ingrid's spell and Ingrid kept his spirit with her, Wendy found out instinctively and told her to do what she needs to do what's best for everyone, no matter how much Ingrid resisted.

When Ingrid found out about what happened with Wendy and Ingrid of the 1900's, she was shocked and apologized to her aunt, feeling that she is completely capable of what her past self did. Wendy comforted Ingrid of her concerns and bonded with her, telling her that the present Ingrid is her favorite and she loved her. Wendy appreciates how grounded and responsible Ingrid is, much to the latter's slight chagrin.

Freya Beauchamp

Main Article: Wendy, Ingrid and Freya

Freya is Wendy's younger niece. Unlike Ingrid (who was reluctant to see Wendy), Freya was more open to meeting her aunt. Freya and Wendy share a rather close bond, especially because they share similar powers and the former would frequently ask for the latter's advice about them, becoming a caring mentor to Freya. Wendy also led Freya on the path to brewing a potion that cured her, Dash, and Amy of the deadly effects of the Ramus Mortium. Freya also consulted Wendy's tarot reading abilities to help her out with her problems with Killian and Dash, though Joanna would be the one to deal the deck for her. She also lead her on the right path to finding Killian. Freya was also responsible for brewing the potion that allowed Wendy, Ingrid, and Joanna to remember something significant about the night the portal to Asgard was opened.

Frederick Beauchamp

Frederick is Wendy's only nephew. Since being banished from Asgard, Wendy has missed having her nephew around as much as her sister does. However, she isn't so willing to set aside everything the fact that he betrayed them and set in motion the curses that were cast on nearly the entire Beauchamp family. When Frederick came to East End after the portal to Asgard was opened by Ingrid, Wendy was apprehensive as she didn't know how to respond to Frederick's return. Even when Frederick healed Joanna of her argentum poisoning, she still didn't trust her nephew and even tried to get the truth of his reasons for returning out of him by using the Radix Sinceritate. When Joanna began to doubt her son upon seeing the symbol on his chest, Wendy immediately took measures to find out what he has been really doing. When they discovered that he was doing something suspicious in the forest, Wendy and Joanna were finally on the same page and confronted Frederick once he got home. However, Frederick successfully convinced his mother that he has no evil intentions and that he is no longer in allegiance to his grandfather. Wendy took this rather hard and laughed at how Joanna ate it all up. Now that Wendy's distrust of Frederick is out in the open, we may be seeing more conflict between aunt and nephew very soon. Wendy continued to show her distrust in her nephew when she refused to let him help with Hudson's worsening condition after being attacked by the Mandragora. Frederick saved Wendy's life by killing the Mandragora after it came to the house for Ingrid. Wendy began to warm up to Frederick again, offering and giving him a bottle of beer in celebration for their victory against the Mandragora and proudly telling Joanna that her son saved the day.




Wendy first met Ronan, a Warlock, in the early 19th century. The pair began a romance not long after and eventually got married. After the wedding he was arrested and Wendy eventually used her powers to spell the guards and break him out Jail. Wendy has married and divorced him three times. Ronan has a criminal past, Wendy was once killed by a man they scammed in Paris. Ronan returns to East End to win over her affections at an Art Gala but it does not work.

Leo Wingate

Leo is an entomologist and butterfly collector who possesses the extremely rare Himalayan Stamped Crown, a butterfly Wendy needs to cast a memory spell on Maura Thatcher. Wendy used her feminine wiles to get close Leo and eventually sleep with him. After that, she slipped away with the Stamped Crown and used it successfully. However, as Wendy found herself realizing that she may not have as much lives as she used to, she decided to apologize to Leo and start over. Unfortunately, it didn't end well, as a resurrected Ingrid from 1906 fooled Wendy into leaving Leo's apartment, but Leo still showed some interest in her as he showed up on the Beauchamp family's doorstep, looking for her. Leo hasn't been seen since.

Tommy Cole

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Tommy is an EMT that Wendy met in the library where they fought over the same book. They went off on the wrong foot and would meet again in The Bent Elbow when Ingrid dislocated her shoulder and Tommy responded to her accident. Wendy healed her niece discreetly and dismissed Tommy's concerns for Ingrid, taking her and Freya home. Wendy went over to Tommy's house in her cat form and found out that he has a family, a daughter from a separated marriage. She held it against him when he introduced himself properly. He got her attention when he quoted Tolstoy and he even made it known to her that he was very much interested, in a very witty way. They cross paths soon after, where Wendy threw Tony off with her questions about the cases that he encountered. He finally asked her out and she said she'd think about it, with him telling her that his job taught him that life is short and you only get one, something that Wendy can understand.

Tommy and Wendy would end up going on their first date and every time, disaster would strike. A rat (actually Isis) crashed their picnic, Wendy threw a dart at Tommy's back, they got a flat tire on the way home, and they almost got hit by a speeding car. However, after telling Wendy a story about his time serving as a medic and again tugging on her heartstrings, Tommy won her over. However, it wasn't the end of their blunders, as Tommy was afflicted by his peanut allergies after kissing Wendy when they got home. Wendy was extremely worried, but she was convinced by Tommy to keep it going, despite how the universe said otherwise.

In the Season finale Wendy sacrificed her last life to bring Tommy back to life.



Penelope Gardiner

Wendy came to warn Joanna about the threat of the Shifter, who has really Penelope Gardiner, and fought whatever the Shifter threw at them together. The most significant attack Penelope enacted toward Wendy was resurrecting Ingrid of the 1990's to extract information from her about the Serpens Clavem while giving Ingrid the opportunity to exact her revenge. Wendy was saved by Joanna, however, and the latter dispelled whatever magic kept the past Ingrid alive. Finally, Wendy was instrumental in helping Joanna take down Penelope once and for all, hoisting her up with a rope, giving Joanna the opening to throw Penelope into the furnace, killing her for good. 

Archibald Browning

Archibald Browning tried to woo her into joining his cult, but she refused. Because of this, she didn't want her niece, Ingrid, to join him. Her attempts to convince her to stay didn't work, which was only made worse by Archibald himself, who came to get Ingrid. He subdued Wendy, trying to make Ingrid kill her or he will, but Wendy managed to cast a deadly spell and aimed it for Archibald. However, Ingrid got in the way and took the full brunt of Wendy's spell and fall from a great height to her death. Archibald was furious and he tried to strangle Wendy to death but was thwarted by Joanna, who then killed him.  

1906 Ingrid Beauchamp

Wendy truly loved Ingrid like she does with all of her lives, past and present. However, Ingrid of the 1900's held a grudge against her aunt, even from beyond the grave, for killing her. This Ingrid tricked Wendy into falling right into her trap and began torturing her for information about the Serpens Clavem, the only known Key to Asgard. When Wendy said she didn't know where the Key was, Ingrid proceeded to kill her aunt, vowing to take away each and every last life Wendy had. Fortunately, Joanna came just in time so save Wendy and break the spell that was tying the past Ingrid to the present.

Wendy's Pendant

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Wendy possesses a gold necklace that she wears at all times which she has had for  generations, the Pendant features two green coloured stones, one larger than the other. Wendy never removes her Pendant as it is magically linked to her Nine Lives. The colour of the gemstones were blue in Asgard before she was cursed by her Father. When her Father cursed her, they became green. Once she entered her last life the stones changed from green to red. This occured in Unburied after she was killed by Ingrid's past life. It finally turned black when Wendy gav

Wendy's necklace turned black

e her last life in order to resurrect Tommy for the sake of his and his daughter's. This occured in For Whom the Spell Tolls.

Feline Form

Wendy's main power is her ability shift into a black cat, she gained this ability when she was cursed with Nine Lives. Because she is technically part cat, she has enhanced senses, including Enhanced hearing which gives her an advantage in certain situations, she is also able to track people by their scent when in Cat form.  Wendy's curse still affects her when she is in the form of a cat, as when she was run over by a car, she reverted to her original form and died from her injuries, only to be brought back to life shortly after. She is partial to a glass of milk after shifting back into her human form.


Wendy has died 10 times in her lifetime. Each time, she dies she loses one of her nine lives, one of which isn't valid since she was resurrected by Ingrid. After sacrificing her last life, Joanna and Ingrid visited Wendy's alternate counterpart in another dimension and asked her to give Wendy half of her lives.

Wendy has died from: 

Powers and Abilities

Wendy is a witch whose power is derived from her gut instincts. Like any other witch, she possesses the ability to move things with her mind, cast spells, and have limited control over the weather.

Wendy is capable of seeing and reading another being's aura much like her niece, Freya. She has also shown an affinity for reading and interpreting the Tarot, something that she does in the series more than once. She is even skilled at brewing potions, but not as good as Freya. Her time as an owner of a Voodoo shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans allowed her access to a few neat tricks that are rudimentary, but effective nonetheless.

Wendy is a considerably powerful witch. Though she is no Joanna, Wendy is powerful enough to stand against her sister who was trying to keep her from opening the portal to Asgard with the Serpens Clavem. She has impressive telekinetic abilities and has cast more than a few considerably powerful spells throughout the series, like counteracting the omens Penelope Gardiner sent on the day of Freya's wedding and saving Ingrid from being killed by the disastrous after-effects of her written spell. She is also proficient in using healing spells, a trick she isn't afraid to pull to get out of trouble. She also successfully prepared the spell that broke Ingrid's link with the Mandragora.

Wendy has the ability to change her form into a black cat (still wearing her pendant around her neck) at will, shedding off all the clothes she wore before transforming. Wendy's curse still affects her when she is in the form of a cat, as when she was run over by a car, she reverted to her original form and died from her injuries, only to be brought back to life shortly after.

Like her sister and her nieces, Wendy suffers from a curse cast on her by her father upon banishing her from Asgard. It is a form of immortality where Wendy has nine lives to live. Whenever Wendy dies, she loses one life and another one begins. It appears that Wendy can tell if she still has more than one life left through the golden pendant she wears. Before she was cursed by her father, the pendant was blue. Whenever she has more than one life left, it's green. Otherwise, it is red.  

Basic Powers

Individual Powers


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  • Wendy is known as "Naughty Naked Wendy" for the cast, according to the way they nicknamed the character.
  • Funnily, Mädchen Amick is herself allergic to cats.
  • Wendy appears in Pilot as a guest star, she was then promoted to regular in Marilyn Fenwick, R.I.P.. Maggie Friedman orginally intended to kill off her character but the cast and network loved her so much that they brought her in as a series regular.
  • Wendy is the only main character of the series who wasn't in the Witches of East End novels, being an entirely original character, all the while becoming the breakout character of the show.

Novel Counterpart

Wendy does not exist in the book series. She was created solely for the series. Originally, she was brought in only for the pilot but the network loved her so much that they brought her in as a main character.

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